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Creating an Immersive Product Experience

The product experience encompasses all aspects of the product itself: what it does, detailed product specifications, images, video, sizing and color options, complementary product recommendations, and customer-provided content like ratings, reviews, and images of the product in use. Why is your product experience so essential? As more and more retail purchases are made online rather […]

Retail, MFG, CPG: Product Information Management (PIM) is for You

Earlier this year, I returned to the world of e-commerce web sites after a long, long layoff (think the painful, patience-trying time gap between two seasons of “Games of Thrones”, then multiply it exponentially).  It quickly became apparent that the basic business requirements driving e-commerce, and the key integration points behind it, haven’t really changed […]

Top Trends in Consumer Markets for 2016

This year is shaping up to be the best year for the retail and consumer products segments since the recession. Moody’s recently upgraded its retail forecast to a 5.3% growth rate in 2016, almost double the growth rate in the last few years, with particularly strong growth expected in home improvement and grocery. Although apparel […]

Digital Transformation for Retailers (Part 1 of 5)

I recently started looking for retailers and sellers who have avoided digital technology to run their businesses. It’s not been easy. I made an appointment for a haircut, and they insisted on sending me reminder text messages. I visited a booth at our local farmer’s market where they gave me a card with their Twitter […]

How to Gain Visibility & Insights through the eyes of the Connected Consumer

The roles of selling and marketing to consumers have drastically evolved in recent years.  Advances in technology have significantly altered how retailers and consumer products organizations interact with consumers as the need for convenience and personalized connection have become top priority in this increasingly digital, mobile and social purchasing landscape. To meet these expectations, companies […]

World Cup smashes social media records!

If brands and retailers were not regretting jumping on the social conversation bandwagon during the World Cup, they are now.  A month ago, the World Cup sparked the largest social conversation the world has seen.  And now that it has come to an end, it has not only produced the top team in the world […]

How to be the most talked about brand during the World Cup

Adidas, one of the World Cup tournaments largest sponsors (and has sponsored the World Cup “official” soccer ball since 1970, has spent a lot of time and investment the past year for this campaign.  Along with sponsoring the tournament, Adidas has crafted a campaign to help build the payers and national soccer federations that they […]

The 2020 Imperative: Reaching the Connected Consumer

Our Consumer Products and Retail Director, Peter Brandt,  was featured in Consumer Goods Technology’s “2014 Review and Outlook Report” last month and was asked to look into his crystal ball and tell readers: “What one initiative must consumer goods companies pursue now in order to compete and grow in the year 2020?” Similar to the retail […]