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How to Gain Visibility & Insights through the eyes of the Connected Consumer

The roles of selling and marketing to consumers have drastically evolved in recent years.  Advances in technology have significantly altered how retailers and consumer products organizations interact with consumers as the need for convenience and personalized connection have become top priority in this increasingly digital, mobile and social purchasing landscape. To meet these expectations, companies have been forced into reactive mode, searching for tools to stay relevant, remain in consumers’ good graces and drive increased profits.  Today’s economy is driven by ‘connected consumers’ and as a result companies need to create relationships with their customers by listening, adapting and understanding their wants and needs.
Enterprises within these consumer products and retail industries need to come together as part of an ecosystem focused on serving their newly empowered audiences. The very tools consumers have so readily embraced should be adopted by businesses themselves. Digital technology and strategy enable consumer engagement in meaningful, valuable ways.
Perficient and IBM® conducted a webinar to discuss how solutions like IBM Tealeaf can provide insight, visibility and answers to help organizations deliver successful digital customer experiences.

We looked at real customer implementation stories and discussed how your organization can:

  • Increase conversion and adoption rates

  • Better understand online customer behavior

  • Eliminate roadblocks that erode customer satisfaction

  • Pinpoint and resolve the issues that have the most significant impact on revenue

To learn more how you can rely on IBM Tealeaf solutions to help become a more customer-centric organization, click here.

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