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Back-to-School Series: 2015 Consumer Spending – More or Less?

Back-to-school shopping season struggled in 2014 with the slowest sales growth since 2009 and with retail sales dipping .3% last month (Commerce Department report), the industry is off to a challenging start for 2015.  With families spending about 5.8% less on BTS items this year, NRF projects that 2015 BTS spending will drop from last […]

Back-to-School Series: Influence of Mobile

With graduation parties coming to a close and the 4th of July has come and gone, we are halfway through the summer and school is right around the corner. Cue the boos and wahs now from kids and young adults but parents are excited to get them back into a regular schedule and retailers are […]

The next big thing in eCommerce…Grocery!

The food and beverage category is the largest retail category in the United States at $600 billion per year, Business Insider reports[1] and technology has transformed the way consumers purchase things in many industries. iTunes allows consumers to gather music and purchase music from wherever they are, Amazon gives shoppers the ability to view, select and […]

Social Commerce

Over the past decade, social media has been utilized by retail and brand marketers to engage with customers, market products and sometimes even to make merchandising decisions. Social promotions, content marketing, sponsored posts and customer reviews are carefully engineered to build consideration, awareness and intent to gain and retain customers. However, now merchants are adding […]

eCommerce Offline

In the past year, we have seen a lot of online stores expand into the offline realm. As everything seems to be going digital, why are ecommerce sites developing brick-and-mortar stores? For starters, 90% of all sales occur in a brick-and-mortar setting.  AND 95% of all retail sales occur amongst retailers that have some sort […]

Top 2015 Trends Influencing the Consumer Markets Industry

From commerce to personalization to cybersecurity to the customer experience, the consumer markets industry is experiencing a huge transformation this year driven by these types of trends. Organizations must transform complex data into seamless and simple operations all while gaining customer insights and services responses. Consumers are more connected than ever due to mobile, social […]

IRCE 2015: Springtime in Chicago

The weather was beautiful in Chicago this week for the Internet Retailer Conference + Expo (IRCE) 2015: Sunny skies, moderate temperatures, and no humidity. But if you know the weather in the Midwest, then you know that you only need to wait a day – or sometimes even an hour – and the weather can […]

The Experience – Experiential Purchasing

We have talked a lot this year in the importance of the Experience in the consumer markets industry.  In one of 2015’s top trends, we discussed how important different aspects of the experience influence the consumer.  Experiential marketing has allowed consumers to interact with brands, products and retailers in a unique experience intending to drive […]

2015 B2B Commerce: Insourced B2B Platforms

Consumer shopping habits have bled over to B2B buyer expectations, which forces B2B sellers to rethink multichannel commerce capabilities.  Buyers are looking for more than just to be served online. They expect services such as next-day delivery, inventory visibility, and enhanced fulfillment capabilities.  Many B2B sellers are beginning to upgrade their ecommerce platforms and pull those resources […]

2015 B2B Commerce: Buyer Self-Service

The days of talking to a B2B sales company, working with a call-center and flipping through a catalog are over. B2B buying behavior has drastically changed and are expecting the same customer experience they receive as B2C consumers.  B2B companies are seeing the need to rethink and transform their sales channels and models to incorporate […]

2015 B2B Commerce: Omnichannel

While traditional B2B selling channels have remained the most influential, a combination of ubiquitous digital technologies and increasing buyer expectations have led a rapid shift towards digital B2B commerce. Pure-play retailers like Amazon are using their sizable momentum in the B2C world to double down in the B2B market. These shifts are causing B2B sellers […]

2015 Consumer Markets Trend: Cybersecurity/Retail Fraud

Cyber attackers secured more than 61 million records in the 2014 year, providing a growing increase in concern among consumers regarding the security of their personal finances, intellectual property and personal identity. A few years ago, consumers had only to worry about the safety of their credit card or bank card safety.  With the use […]

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