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Top 2015 Trends Influencing the Consumer Markets Industry

From commerce to personalization to cybersecurity to the customer experience, the consumer markets industry is experiencing a huge transformation this year driven by these types of trends. Organizations must transform complex data into seamless and simple operations all while gaining customer insights and services responses. Consumers are more connected than ever due to mobile, social and digital evolutions and organizations need to respond to address this ever-changing, fast pace industry.
86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience
The digital era has created challenges and opportunities for consumer product companies and retailers that are trying to engage with their customers/consumers.  Perficient’s Consumer Markets practice discusses the top eight trends that are influencing the industry in 2015 that these organizations need to address to stay ahead of their competition and meet the high, changing demands of today’s consumers in a new whitepaper:

  • Customer ExperiencePersonalization3
  • Mobile
  • Anayltics and the Data Driven Consumer
  • Stores: Driving Traffic
  • Personalization
  • Delivery
  • Commerce
  • Cybersecurity

Want to read more?  Click here to download the whitepaper now!!

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