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The Power Of Search Engine. Transforming Industries And Customer Service. A Look Into The Future Of Ai Search. Yellow Loupe Icon Processing Data On Smart Phone. Modern 3d Render

Building a Conversational Search Application with Azure Cognitive Search and OpenAI Embedding

Introduction¬† In this blog, we will show you how to build a conversational search application that can interact with Azure Cognitive Search (ACS) and retrieve relevant content from a web-scraped index by asking natural language questions, requesting for summary information, and using vector search. The application will also use OpenAI embeddings, which are pre-trained models […]

Girl Holding Light Bulb With Virtual Artificial Intelligence And Virtual Digital Brain. Ai Technology. Searching Information Data On Internet Networking, Intelligence Technology Concept.

Building a Private ChatBot with Langchain, Azure OpenAI & Faiss Vector DB for Local Document Query

In this blog, we will explore how we can effectively utilize Langchain, Azure OpenAI Text embedding ADA model and Faiss Vector Store to build a private chatbot that can query a document uploaded from local storage. A private chatbot is a chatbot that can interact with you using natural language and provide you with information […]