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Rendering-Level Cache Duration in Sitecore MVC

Sitecore offers HTML caching for your components¬†right out of the box with several different caching options to boost your site’s performance. You can set different caching settings at the rendering-level such as enabling/disabling caching, caching per user, caching per data, etc. However, the caching duration for renderings is set at the site level and is […]

Integrating ASP.NET MVC authentication with SiteMinder SSO

SiteMinder is an enterprise-class secure single sign-on solution by CA (Computer Associates) which is employed by many large companies to secure their intranet access and provide single sign-on functionality to various intranet applications. ¬†SiteMinder has a broad support for different application frameworks which is making possible to use in heterogeneous enterprise environment. For example, when […]