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Capturing Clinical Data With Connected Health Technology

The area of clinical data collection has seen an influx of rich, digital solutions in recent years, and more continue to enter the marketplace. The plethora of devices, apps, and solutions is aiding in data collection – some within the context of clinical trials and healthcare, others for patients themselves as users and owners of […]

Gartner’s List Of 5 Cool Vendors In Life Sciences

If there’s one list that gets a lot of touch attention in life sciences, it’s Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Life Sciences. While the name of the list helps grab attention on its own, the companies it features are typically just as interesting. This year’s list happens to carry a few companies that we’ve blogged about, […]

New Technologies Will Improve Medication Adherence

Medication non-adherence continues to be a big issue in the pharma industry, affecting clinical outcomes for both approved and investigational drugs. Sponsors, research organizations, and payers are looking to verify that what they’re studying or paying for is actually being used as directed. Various technologies, such as Proteus and AiCure, are being examined for these […]

Medication Adherence: A Problem In Clinical Trials…And Life

A recent study published in American Academy of Pediatrics found that providing Asthma patients with medication before they left the hospital reduced ER re-admission rates, as opposed to the standard method of relying on patients to fill their own prescriptions. Medication adherence is a topic that we talk a lot about because of the significant impact […]

A Digital Cure For Medication Adherence Problems

It’s no secret that patients struggle with taking their medication. Whether they forget or purposely avoid taking it, a patient’s outcome could be affected. If a patient is in a clinical trial and isn’t following protocol by taking their medication as instructed, it ruins the legitimacy of the trial’s data and ultimately puts other lives […]