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A Digital Cure For Medication Adherence Problems


It’s no secret that patients struggle with taking their medication. Whether they forget or purposely avoid taking it, a patient’s outcome could be affected. If a patient is in a clinical trial and isn’t following protocol by taking their medication as instructed, it ruins the legitimacy of the trial’s data and ultimately puts other lives at risk. 

From an institutional perspective, a lack of adherence can cost a company a significant amount of money and time. Drug companies run clinical trials to find safer- and better-performing drugs, so it’s imperative that treatment regimens are followed closely. Unless a medical professional personally watches a subject consume medication, it’s difficult to verify that it was taken. Blood tests and other verification methods are time-consuming and costly. For payers, such as health plans and governments, money is at stake. If a patient isn’t taking their medication and an institution is covering some of that cost, critical dollars are at risk.

What if there were a way for sponsors, research organizations, and payers to verify that what they’re studying or paying for is actually being used as directed? What if there were a way to verify this without having to digest a camera that lives inside of you? What if there were a way to do this without the prick of a needle or a stool test?

Luckily, for everyone, there’s AiCure, the maker of mobile technology that can capture a patient’s medication intake and ingestion through facial recognition and motion sensors. Open the mobile app, point your phone’s camera at your mouth, and take your medication. It that easy. The beauty of it lies in its sophisticated simplicity. AiCure works with different forms of medication, such as capsules, disintegrating tablets, inhalers, and even injectable pens. The app is tied to a cloud-based dashboard that provides medical professionals with real-time data visibility. Patient missed a dose? Contact them directly via the dashboard.

In addition to many other helpful features (e.g., medication reminders, patient surveys) that improve medication adherence, AiCure also has built-in security capabilities that help detect suspicious patient behavior.

AiCure is currently being evaluated by various pharmaceutical and government organizations.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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