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Your 2018 Facebook Lead Generation Plan: 5 Tips for Better Leads

The first quarter of 2017 showed US digital ad spend is up 23 percent to $19.6 billion. And Facebook and Google are expected to pull in 63 percent of US digital ad spend in 2017. When it comes to Facebook advertising spend specifically, eMarketer reported that “2017 will be the first year when Facebook captures more than […]

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The Power of Social Retargeting

There is an “advertising rule of seven” that claims a consumer has to see your advertisement seven times before they convert. As a marketer, it may feel as if you have to put out a message every seven minutes until a consumer converts. The bottom line is that it is not enough to pop up […]

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The Death of Organic Social: Stop Wasting Your Resources Posting

Paid is the new organic. It was not too long ago that social emerged as a free platform brands and businesses started taking seriously and leveraging to increase their sales and brand recognition — essentially seen as free advertising. Even a couple years ago, it may have seemed foolish to pay for a social media […]

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