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The Power of Social Retargeting

There is an “advertising rule of seven” that claims a consumer has to see your advertisement seven times before they convert. As a marketer, it may feel as if you have to put out a message every seven minutes until a consumer converts.
The bottom line is that it is not enough to pop up into a customer’s life once and expect them to magically purchase your product. The chances of that happening are pretty slim. With the high number of comparable products on the market and the short attention span of consumers, you need to continue to engage and remind your audience that you exist and that you are the best product out there.
Retargeting customers through social and display advertisements is essential to keeping your product at the front and center during their decision making process.

Setting Up Your Social and Display Retargeting Advertisements

You know this scenario all too well. You are online surfing for a product, leave the webpage without purchasing, go back online later, and see advertisements in your social feeds and on Google that are for the product you were looking at earlier. Creepy but effective.
This is done by cookie-based technology and pixels that are essentially capturing each user’s information. And you get to use all this data to your advantage to then target your customers. You can retarget based on specific demographics, geolocation, activity, etc.
Social and display advertisements can be costly since you may be paying Cost-Per-Click (CPC) to bring these potential customers to your website’s landing page. But we know that organic digital postings just do not cut it anymore.
You are inevitably going to target way more customers than the number that will actually convert. And you should be targeting consumers across all social channels — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc., so retargeting overlap may exist and duplicate your efforts. Each platform will have different best practices on how you should go about retargeting consumers on the platform.

How to Execute Social Retargeting Effectively

You want to catch consumers at every stage of their shopper journey — pre-shop, shop, and post-shop. Reaching them at each of those stages allows for higher conversion and buy rate, since you are addressing their needs at every step of the purchasing process.
As part of your customer’s pre-shop stage, create a targeted social advertisement to consumers who viewed your product online or your website recently but did not make a purchase, or consumers who are searching for that product in general. The targeted advertisement could offer them a coupon or discount code to encourage them to hop back onto your website and covert.
For your customer’s shop stage, ensure you are capturing their interests and needs and suggesting other products they may want to add into their cart before checking out.
And for your post-shop targeting, send a follow-up thank you email, have them complete a survey, encourage them to leave a review, provide them with a discount code for a future purchase, etc. Staying front and center even after they purchase your product will remind them how much they enjoy your product and how they need to purchase more.

See the Power of Social Retargeting for Yourself

We partner with clients to create digital experiences that are both visually stunning and strategically executed. Take a look at our work and then get in touch with us today to see how we can assist you in your social and display advertising retargeting strategy and more.

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