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As a Lead Technical Consultant at Perficient, I've had the pleasure of designing and delivering custom solutions on SharePoint 2007-2013. I have a strong passion for web application development and the .NET framework. Over the past three years, I have implemented a variety of SharePoint and .NET solutions for clients in a wide range of Industries such as Health Care, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, and Publishing.

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How to Create Visual Studio 2012 Custom Templates

Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to manage and re-use existing code. Right away I thought of code snippets. Snippets are handy for methods or small segments of code, but what I was really looking for was a faster way to repurpose common class libraries and patterns. Functionality such as caching, logging, abstracting the SharePoint data layer, etc. […]

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Content Query Web Part – Sort Order from a Calculated Column

​Here’s a quick way to implement custom sort functionality in a Content Query web part. Since the out-of-the-box options only offer ascending or descending alphanumeric sorting, you can use a Calculated Column to provide the necessary logic. For example, say you have a list called ‘Defects’ that has the following two Choice fields: ‘Impact’ and […]

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Speed up Development with Exchange Web Services Managed API

We’ve all experienced it before, those “Wow, I can’t believe it’s that easy” moments. Exchange Web Services Managed API makes sending emails, creating appointments, querying folders/calendars, and generating meeting requests extremely simple.When it comes to programmatically duplicating Outlook functionality (given Exchange is running the show), the Exchange Web Services Managed API is definitely worth looking […]

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How to Create an Outlook Appointment using Nintex Workflow 2010

Nintex Workflows 2010 is a great alternative to manually create workflows using Visual Studio or SharePoint Designer.Business users now have the ability to create some pretty intricate workflows directly from the browser. The installation for Nintex Workflows 2010 is very simple, consisting mainly of deploying a solution file and activated a few features. There was […]

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Email Received Event Receiver Requires a SharePoint Timer Reset

While working with a couple different types of event receivers in Visual Studio 2010, I noticed an inconsistency between the ‘item added/adding events’ and the ’email received’ event receiver in terms of deployment from Visual Studio.When deploying from Visual Studio via the F5 key everything worked as expected with the item added/adding events.This is also […]

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Email Configuration within a SharePoint 2010 Development Environment

There have been countless blogs written on this topic, yet I always seem to be spending way too much time configuring Incoming and Outgoing mail in my SharePoint 2010 development environment.I often find myself wishing the author included a few screen shots of their configuration settings so I could better compare them to my own.The […]

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