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Azure Search: Scoring Profiles

Introduction When a search query is submitted to the index, each document that is returned has a search score which is an indicator of its relevance in the current search query and context. The higher the score, the more relevant the item and therefore, the higher it is ranked on a scale of high to […]

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Microsoft Azure Search Preview

Search as a Service From FAST ESP to SharePoint Search and Bing/Google, search has become an integral point for users to reference their data. Microsoft has developed Azure Search to provide an integration point for a complete search experience. Developers can use the Azure portal and front-end APIs to tune their search index as well as […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search: External Content Relevancy Boosting

Where’s my External Content? The first time you bring in external content into your search index, whether that be from BCS or Custom Connector, your search ranking and relevance for that content will most likely be buried under all of your SharePoint content. This is quite common. Don’t worry however, we will go over some […]

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Nintex 2013: Sequential Approval Workflow

I had a recent request from a client to create a workflow that would only create approval task in the order that the approvers were listed. This allows the approval tasks to be created one at a time rather than all at once, and if a single approver breaks the chain, we can either break […]

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SharePoint 2013 Search: JavaScript CSOM Primer

A lot of JavaScript incoming! With the rise of SharePoint Online, custom search solutions through JavaScript have become a staple for the development work for clients. While a lot of your search basics can be handled through simple modification of Display Templates (see some of my previous blogs for some basics there), the opportunity still […]

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The Search Engine for Your Business: Part 1

Introduction It has been a while since I’ve hit the blogosphere. During that time I had the pleasure of presenting a search webinar speaking about SharePoint 2013 search. Not only did I learn that presenting for a webinar was much different than presenting in front of a room of people, I also realized that the […]

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SP2013 Search: Workaround for People Result Sorting

So I was getting some unexpected behavior (as in just not working!) when I tried to apply sorting to people search from the peopleresults.aspx page through the query builder. I hadn’t had any issues sorting on my other result sources but people results were proving to be stubborn. To reproduce, try going to your People […]

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SP2013 Search–Content Type Managed Property in Queries

Not the right effect? Very short and sweet this time, hopefully will help those who happen on this page for this common issue. In the Query Builder, you can create a query using using fields or managed properties. A common field that users will use for creating a fielded search is Content Type. However, as […]

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Retrieving SharePoint List Column Managed Metadata (JavaScript)

This is a quickie, but can be useful for those accessing SharePoint Managed Metadata from the Client Side. Often when you’re pulling back data from SharePoint lists, you’ll get a full-fledged object back rather than a single field value (and yes I ran into this while working on some fancy calls in a Display Template). […]

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SP2013 Search DYI Display Template

For this project, I highly recommend these tools (in a slightly sarcastic manner!): A Highlighter (your mouse) A pair of scissors or a copy machine (cut/copy) Some glue (paste) Some pieces of pre-constructed SharePoint  (good ol’ SharePoint 2013) Your own paper (favorite text editor) Today, we are going to create our own custom Hover Panel […]

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SP2013 Search Display Templates Semi-Deep Dive

If you’ve stumbled around display templates in SharePoint 2013 Search, you’ve probably run into these following JavaScript do-dads: ctx.RenderBody(ctx)  -> (standard search results Display Template) ctx.RenderBody(ctx)   -> (hover panel Display Template) ctx.RenderFooter(ctx)  -> (hover panel Display Template) ctx.RenderHeader(ctx) –> (hover panel Display Template) You can find these methods on items such as Item_Default.html, Item_PDF.html, Item_Word.html, […]

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SP2013 Search Quickie – Query Rule By Folder

Quick and dirty, without any manipulation of managed properties. This can be handy for file share crawling where SharePoint will index the physical folders of the file share. To get to your query rules, go to Site Settings –> Query Rules (Under Search). Configure a rule for Local SharePoint Results:

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SP2013 Search –Display Templates Overview (Part 1)

“A Fond Farewell to .xslt” If you’re a SharePoint Search developer, or are heavily involved in Search in SharePoint, I believe that you will be pleasantly pleased with some of the changes that should make developing on the SharePoint 2013 platform simpler. However, the downside in this case is that all of that wonderful work […]

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SP2013 Search Quickie: Create/Map a new Managed Property

SharePoint 2013 gives us a lot of new options when it comes to creating new Managed Properties for Search. Luckily there’s only a single Search Service Application to deal with with SP2013 and the process in UI is fairly straightforward. In your Search Service Application, find the “Search Schema” in the left hand navigation under […]

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Debugging your FAST Search Server: Document Processing Pipeline

For an example of the processing pipeline itself, check out Jeff Monnette’s blog here. The FAST Processing Pipeline is a great method of feeding in your own Crawled Properties into FAST, and then being able to expose those properties by mapping to managed properties and searching on them. We ran into a situation with some […]

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FASTSearchCert.pfx Expired? Don’t Fret and Make Your Certificate Last!

So everything was hunky-dory in the FAST world. User Contexts and Site Promotions were getting along, scopes did their thing, and life crawled along. Your Content SSA chugs along and suddenly… A year after the original FAST installation took place, the unthinkable (well, unexpected and forgotten) happened. The self-signed FASTSearchCert.pfx certificate expired! If you have […]

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SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs Experience (6/11/2011)

Well I didn’t (and wasn’t eligible) win a Xbox 360 with Kinect or multitudes of free raffle prizes at my first SharePoint Saturday, but the experience was very worthwhile. SharePoint Saturday is a great place to make connections, meet people from all aspects of SharePoint, and as always, try to learn something new about the […]

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Map a Crawled Property to Managed Properties (FS4SP – PowerShell)

  What we are doing: 1.) Create a Managed Property from a Crawled Property Managed Properties are great! FAST pulls and indexes Managed Properties for multitudes of things, including boosting and search scopes. They are core to your FAST User Experience and an essential part to configuration When a FAST crawl runs, it will pick […]

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Creating User Contexts, Customizing User Context Properties, and Site Promotions from PowerShell (FAST for SharePoint)

PowerShell is a powerful tool when combined with FAST. When dealing with a large site collection with multitudes of taxonomies and sites underneath it, promoting sites and keeping user contexts from environment to environment can be a long and taxing job, especially when you are working with the SharePoint/FAST UI. Luckily, this is where PowerShell […]

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