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Programmatically Setting the Value of a SharePoint Choice Column

I was recently working on some code that added items to a SharePoint list based on a user’s input from an InfoPath form. It was an easy task until I got to a choice column. I wasn’t sure of the syntax for setting the value of a choice column, and for some reason, all of […]

PowerShell: Count Property Returns Nothing

I was working on a a PowerShell script the other day and needed to do something I’ve done many times before with no trouble: count the items in a directory. In the past, I’ve gone about this in one of two ways: (Get-Item $Directory).GetFiles().Count (Get-ChildItem $Directory).Count For this particular solution, I needed the number of […]

Prevent IIS from Terminating Your Debugging Session

One of the most irritating things that can happen while you’re debugging is this message: When you sit at any one breakpoint for too long (longer than the ping maximum response time), this error will appear and terminate your session. If you’re anything like me and my fellow team members, you’ll blindly click “OK” and […]

InfoPath: Using Views to Add a Confirmation Screen on Form Submit

The InfoPath Form Web Part is pretty handy, but its options for behavior upon submitting are less than ideal. The only options available are leaving the form open, closing it, or opening a new one. Luckily, InfoPath Designer 2010 offers a fairly painless solution. Let’s start with a basic form. This is going to be […]