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Open Source AEM Core Components, A New Hope

“As Maine goes, so goes the nation” is a phrase that at one time was in wide currency in United States politics. The phrase described Maine’s reputation as a bellwether state for presidential elections.  As an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) developer, it is not what proceeds from the Pine Tree State that concerns me, it is […]

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Using Front-end Technologies like Node, Grunt, and Sass with AEM

In this article, I am going to show you how to use Grunt and Grunt plugins to compile Sass into CSS, minify CSS, add CSS source maps, merge JavaScript files, minify the JS, and add JavaScript source maps. We will be using Bower to add vendor JavaScript libraries to our project.  Before I show you […]

AEM and Google Cloud Vision – Impressions to Implementation

Chad Johnson’s recent observations on Google’s Cloud Vision API led us to start thinking of ways the image recognition software could be utilized within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).  Automatic asset tagging immediately sprang to mind.  This solution reduces the burden on the end user in manually identifying and tagging the assets with relevant metadata.  Google’s […]