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Swaroop RajSenior Technical Architect

Sr. Technical Architect in Perficient's Automation Practice with an MBA. He has extensive experience with Digital Process Automation and leads major engagements in the Intelligent Automation space.

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Leverage AI to Automate Invoice Processing using ServiceNow’s Low-Code Solution

In today’s world of business finance, achieving efficiency and accuracy is critical. With the onset of digital technologies, the transformation of manual tasks into automated processes is a game changer. One such transformative solution is Automated Invoice Processing. Check out how ServiceNow is revolutionizing this space with its Automated Invoice Processing offering. One of the […]

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How ServiceNow Financial Services Operations (FSO) is Revolutionizing the Financial Industry

What is ServiceNow Financial Services Operations (FSO): Financial Services Operations (FSO) is an offering by ServiceNow utilizing its existing platform custom-tailored to the use cases for Financial Institutions providing a comprehensive solution for managing operations end-to-end. ServiceNow’s FSO allows financial institutions to automate core operational processes, through pre-built applications and workflows that streamline operations across […]

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Transforming Insurance Operations with Intelligent Automation

What is ServiceNow for Insurance: ServiceNow Financial Services Operations (FSO) empowers insurance companies with a secure and efficient solution for automating essential operational processes through intelligent automation. Utilizing a comprehensive suite of preconfigured digital applications and creator workflows, FSO leverages automation technology to seamlessly integrate operations across various departments, including front, middle, and back-office functions. […]