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Sumalatha Poolavari

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Data chip

Debug Probe Utility to Enable Probe in Data Power

The Debug probe provides step-by-step debugging and state information about documents that flow through a service. The Debug probe displays the contents of contexts and displays the value of the variables at each processing step of a processing rule. The Debug probe is very useful tool for trouble shoot the issues during the development phase […]


TypeTree Customization in ITX

Let’s assume the scenario where we have to format the Date values or Decimal values for a number of elements. Updating the type tree for each and every element manually in the type tree consumes a lot of time. The below approach will save you a lot of time for type tree customization. Below are the […]

How to Upgrade Firmware in DataPower

This blog is intended to show you how to upgrade firmware in Datapower. Below are the steps for upgrading your firmware in Datapower: 1. Identify The Firmware Image File Which Matches Your Appliance To upgrade the firmware in Datapower, we first need to identify the firmware image file which matches the appliance. 2. Download the Latest Firmware […]

Implementing MQ channel security in MQ V8

We’ve chosen to make use of the MQ V8 feature Connection Authentication and supply a user ID and password when we connect to the queue manager. Below script depicts how to implement this feature MQ V8 Create Queue Manger called TEST crtmqm TEST Start Queue Manager TEST strmqm TEST runmqsc TEST DEFINE LISTENER(TCP.1414) TRPTYPE(TCP) PORT(1414) […]

Implementing SLM Unicast Peer Group in Datapower

SLM has the ability to monitor traffic and take action if traffic patterns meet certain criteria. For example, consider the case where you have a backend that can only process 300 transactions per second (TPS). SLM can be used to take action when more than 300 TPS inbound transactions are received. DataPower can be used […]