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TypeTree Customization in ITX

Let’s assume the scenario where we have to format the Date values or Decimal values for a number of elements. Updating the type tree for each and every element manually in the type tree consumes a lot of time.

The below approach will save you a lot of time for type tree customization.

Below are the steps to customize Type Tree in IBM Transformation Extender.

  • Open Design Studio and right click on the Type Tree you wish to customize and Click on Export Type Tree.

  • Save the Type Tree to a local file system.

  • Open the Type Tree in Notepad++.

  • Customize the values you wish to change. (For Example: DecimalFormatString as shown in the below screen shot) Save the changes.

<NetAmount>15</NetAmount> change to <NetAmount>15.00</NetAmount>

Replace {L[+]-####[&apos;.&apos;]##}  with  {L[+]-####&apos;.&apos;2##} to mandate decimal zeros.


  • Click on Import to import the customized Type Tree to design studio.

  • Click on the Type Tree Maker and Click on Next.

  • Select the Type Tree from the local file system and Select the respective project folder to import.
  • Click on Next to override the existing Type Tree with the customized Type Tree.


  • The Type Tree should import without Errors and Click on Finish.

  • Click on Yes to open the Type tree.

  • Analyze the Type Tree and Save.

  • Open the map file and rebuild the map to refresh the Type Tree changes.


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