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Sivaraman Baskar

Sr. Technical Consultant - Perficient, Chennai

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Integrate Google Analytics to IBM Integration Bus

Google Analytics is web analytics tool which has advanced modes of capturing statistical data of applications. While IIB dominates the middleware world with its robust integration capabilities, this blog provides an approach to utilize the REST services of the Google Analytics API to consume various reports containing various metrics of the native applications. The metrics […]

MQ Integration in IID – WebSphere Process Server v8.5

This blog elucidates the steps to integrate a Message Queue with Business Process Management – Advanced V8.5. 1) Create a connection Factory with a WebSphere MQ Provider as shown below: 2) Select the scope of the configuration and click New.

WebSphere Portal-Custom Impersonation Portlet Invoked from Themes

This blog provides a different approach on implementing impersonation in portal applications. Impersonation, as we know, is a Portlet service, which lets the user (A) access the portal application as another user (B) by logging in as him or her (B). Out-Of-Box Impersonation Portlet provided by WebSphere Portal lacks flexibility and customization features specific to […]

Approaches to automate and abstract JAXB from Portal Layer

This blog is to provide an insight on development of Portal applications by achieving high cohesion between the portal and the service layer by secluding and automating the JAXB framework. We know that portal applications are composed of bundles of portlets and hence the compositions and the complexities of each portlet are of utmost importance. […]