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Rutwik Surjuse

Rutwik Surjuse works in Quality Assurance at Perficient, based in Nagpur, India. He is experienced in automation, AEM, and manual testing. Rutwik likes to learn and explore different types of technology and share his findings with the world.

Blogs from this Author

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Using Katalon to Handle Static and Dynamic Test Objects

Introduction​ Test Objects are one of the most important components of a successful automation project. Some are static (do not change at all), while others are dynamic (they are dependent on some dynamically changing parameters). This tutorial demonstrates various approaches for dealing with various types of test objects.   Requirements In the Script view, you […]

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Integrating and setting up Git

  Git is a critical version control system. Assume your Katalon Studio automation project includes two or more people. In that case, you should manage change and configuration on your test project with Git or another source control system. To improve team collaboration and productivity, you can share a Git repository with multiple team members. […]

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Using Git commands using Katalon

Publish a non-Git local project as a Git repository. Share Project is a step in the process of configuring Git for your new Katalon Studio project. In the main toolbar, select Git > Share Project. The Katalon project generates .git folder and gitignore files. Commit​ Users can view all current changes and choose which ones […]

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Failure Handling in Katalon

What is Failure Handling in Katalon? Failure handling settings allow users to specify whether Katalon Studio should continue running in the event of an error during execution. Katalon Studio currently supports the following failure-handling options: Continue on Failure: Katalon Studio will continue regardless of any errors that occur during its execution. The step with errors […]

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Why You Should learn Katalon Smart Wait

For Selenium WebDriver fans, there is Good News, test scripts can be run continuously Without the need for Time Lag Debugging. Since version 7.0.0, the Smart Wait functionality of Katalon Studio is equipped to handle Selenium wait issues without the need for additional code. To address the issue, Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 created and implemented […]

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In TestOps, create and modify releases

Katalon TestOps allows you to create and edit releases natively, as well as link your test runs to them. Alternatively, if you have Katalon TestOps and Jira integrated, you can populate Jira releases in TestOps.   In TestOps, create a new release. Follow these steps to create a new release in Katalon TestOps: Log into […]

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Overview Of TestOps In Katalon

Katalon TestOps is a high-end platform for QA orchestration, test analytics, and advanced reporting. Katalon TestOps provides dashboards and reports on product quality status. You can use Katalon TestOps to coordinate various software testing activities, cycles, and frameworks. This way, you can ensure software quality at every stage without sacrificing speed or requiring DevOps expertise. […]

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What Is Katalon Recorder? Overview & Tour Of Features

Katalon Recorder is a browser automation testing solution that offers a beginner-friendly and scalable option for start-ups and small-sized QA teams. What Is Katalon Recorder? Katalon Recorder is a free web extension for Record and Playback and browser automation testing that offers robust test creation and execution. As a Selenium IDE alternative, Katalon Recorder first offered […]

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Smart XPath with auto-healing in Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio 7.6.0 introduces Self-healing to replace Auto-healing Smart XPath for Web test execution. Katalon Studio’s most recent version is available for download. Install the Smart XPath Auto-healing Plugin Go to the Katalon Store and download the Auto-healing Smart XPath plugin. After installing the plugin successfully, launch Katalon Studio. Select Reload Plugins from the Profile […]

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Explore the Pros and Cons of Katalon Studio

Learn how to use Katalon Studio to automate the testing of web and mobile apps, which is as simple as using an excel file. After discussing all of Katalon Studio’s features and products in the previous blog, it’s time to examine its strong and weak points. Advantages of Using Katalon Studio Workflow integration with CI/DevOps […]

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Using Katalon Studio, Automate Testing of Mobile and Web Applications

What is Katalon Studio? Katalon Studio is a well-known tool for automated testing. As more testing engineers choose Katalon over Selenium, Ranorex, TestComplete, and Apache JMeter, it’s worth discussing. The platform enables the execution of automated tests for Web interfaces, APIs, Windows desktop and mobile apps (both iOS and Android), as well as the creation […]