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Search and Save: A Story of the Benefits of Enterprise Search

Everyone is aware of the key role search plays in a product or retail scenario. Websites like Amazon and Best Buy would be practically unusable without a way to easily search for products you are looking to research or purchase. Did you know that search can also play the same critical role in a corporate […]

Custom Synonyms in FSIS (ESP)

ESP comes with standard synonym dictionaries for several languages which can be used to provide synonym support during search. However, these dictionaries, while being pretty extensive are fairly generic and only contain the terms that are common for a specific language. Often, there is a need to support synonyms that are specific to a subject […]

How to set up custom hit highlighting with FSIS (FAST ESP)

FAST provides hit highlighting for query terms (search terms) out of the box for any field decorated with the result=dynamic attribute. The highlighted terms are included in the dynamic document summary (teaser) in the results. That’s great for simple search uses cases but that is not enough when there are requirements for highlighting beyond the […]

Install the FSIS (ESP) File Traverser on a non-ESP Machine

This post is related to running the File Traverser on a Windows Server. If you are running the File Traverser on a Unix server, follow the directions in the FAST ESP File Traverser Guide. With the introduction of CTS in FSIS, the File Traverser is no longer the only option to feed file (XML, text, […]

Use a config file with FSIS CTS Flows

The Problem One of the major shortcomings of FSIS CTS is that there is no functionality to load configuration values from a file to use within the flows. Things like server addresses, content directories, email address, etc… have to be hardcoded into each of the CTS operators. If you are like me and have become […]

Get better control of uploading a new index profile in FAST ESP

Overview If you’ve ever updated or changed the index profile in ESP, you are very familiar with the Matching Engines page in the ESP Admin GUI which allows you to upload a new index profile. Uploading a new index profile using this page is very easy but this method of uploading an index profile is […]