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Rahul R Sharma

I'm a Technical consultant, currently working on SharePoint Online cloud-based service. I like to know about new emerging technologies and providing technical solutions to clients!

Blogs from this Author

Understanding CRUD Operations Using PnP PowerShell

Create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) is an acronym used in database-related functions. James Martin probably coined the term (CRUD) in his 1983 book Managing the Database Environment. We can use the following models to execute basic CRUD operations in SharePoint: REST-API Object Model. JavaScript Object Model Client-Side Object Model Server-Side Object Model We must […]

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Most People Don’t Understand What UX Is

In a society where design is everywhere, and we could almost say it rules our lives, UX is a terminology that has been adopted by most Web designers and Design agencies worldwide; but even when it is something most professionals in this area have adopted, a lot of them don’t really know what UX really […]