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Parag Balapure

Parag Balapure is a senior technical consultant at Perficient who has contributed eight years in ASP.Net MVC, Sitecore (9.x and 10.x), Sitecore Headless Development, SXA, C#, SQL, along with front-end technologies like ReactJS, VueJS, and others. He likes investigating and solving complex technical problems.

Blogs from this Author

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Create and Retrieve Secrets from the Azure Key Vault using an ASP.Net Core Application

As everyone knows, maintaining application-level security for passwords, certificates, API keys, and other data is a bit of a critical thing. It was necessary for my project to safeguard the SMTP password. I wanted to know how to protect my SMTP password in some way. I then discovered the Azure Key vault concept and began […]

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Fetching and Editing Renderings Information for Versioned Items With PowerShell

While working on a project, I encountered a scenario wherein I had to list all the items with particular renderings along with the versions of page items. I also had to update the rendering in presentation details for all the versions. This was a bulk update. I decided to write a PowerShell script for this […]