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Nick Lecker

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Market Driven Patient Portal: Integration of Data

In our last conversation about “What the market says you need in your patient portal” we discussed the needs of integration and interoperability. This is an area that, while interesting to the IT team, often does not get a lot of attention. This is not because this topic lacks interest, rather, it’s just not the […]

Market Driven Patient Portal: HIE Across Diverse Care Settings

So far in this discussion about “What the market says you need in your patient portal” we have been driving toward changes that are core to new engagement models. However, we have not addressed a core enabler: “It’s all about the data!” Consumers demand access to information that meets their needs and they are not […]

Managing Agile Projects

While reading various articles in Information Management, I came across an article that has some direct implications to projects that I have seen managed in the past. I often see the development teams applying Agile practices, yet the project management team often does not know how best to “Manage” the Agile development process or teams […]

The Value of Business and Architecture Roadmaps

Where do current IT solutions fit within the overall business context? When addressing issues, it is important to assess the overall picture versus the initial pain point. Often there are knee jerk reactions to immediate business requests that fail to get balanced against the overall business and technical architecture roadmaps, if the roadmaps exist. New […]

It is all about the data

Today there are numerous discussions about HIE, Meaningful Use, RHIO’s, EMR, and the list goes on. What is consistent about all of these? To quote a colleague several years ago “It is all about the data!” As I work with multiple clients in support of their architecture strategy, I find that IT organizations have challenges […]