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Michelle Engler

As a senior solutions architect in Perficient’s dedicated life sciences practice, Michelle Engler oversees custom clinical and safety software development activities. Her in-depth knowledge of clinical and pharmacovigilance systems allows her to fully understand customer needs and address them through the development of cost-effective applications. Michelle led the development of Simple Forms EDC, Accel-Account Manager and Accel-Copy, three industry tools that complement and enhance Oracle Clinical, Remote Data Capture (RDC) and Thesaurus Management System (TMS). She also heads the team that implements CoSign, a digital signature solution developed by ARX. Michelle has been with Perficient, via the acquisition of BioPharm Systems, since 1999.

Blogs from this Author

Oops! I Just Deleted Production Data For An EDC Study

Imagine accidently deleting lots of production clinical data. What do you do? How do you recover? Those are the tough questions our client was recently faced with when one of their Oracle Clinical (OC) power users ran the Delete Study Information function in the system with the intention of deleting patient data for only a handful […]

How One Medical Device Company Is Trying To Increase The Adoption Of Minimally Invasive Surgeries

The benefits of minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) are clear: fewer complications, shorter lengths of hospital stays, fewer readmissions, and lower total costs. However, the adoption rate for MIS is surprisingly low. A large medical device client of ours discovered that fewer than 30% of the tens of millions of potential procedures (of interest to them) […]