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6 Ways to Leverage User Experience to Improve Common SharePoint Obstacles

No organization builds a SharePoint environment with the goal of creating a poor user experience. Yet, many organizations do not plan for, adopt and design for an intuitive, user-friendly SharePoint environment. So, why does this happen? It often stems from not understanding the business case behind user experience design and the value it will bring […]

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Thoughts for Marketers: Questions to ask when selecting a CMS tool

When it comes to enterprise-wide intranet CMS (Content Management System) tool selection, there are a few obvious choices that most organizations will lean towards. SharePoint is often the best choice for this type of management for its flexibility, scalability, and seamless integration with Microsoft Office and related toolsets. This is a topic for a different […]

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Making the Case for Persistent Navigation

One of the primary goals of navigation design from a user experience perspective is the establishment of persistent navigation. Basically, this is characterized by: Main navigation that exists on every page of the site, in the same place Section navigation that is placed in a consistent place across sections Links that unique identifiers and go […]

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Intranet Navigation – Selecting the Best Model

Setting up the right navigation for a company-wide intranet can be a difficult task. Primarily, you need to decide the right model for your content that is clear and obvious to your entire organization. Since business goals are often centered on providing information in the most efficient manner possible, making the right decision can dramatically […]

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