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Mercedes Bernard

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SharePoint 2013 Managed Navigation: Pros, Cons, and Code

I recently posted a script to export term sets in SharePoint (vetted in both 2010 & 2013).¬† I was prompted to write that script, because the client I was working on had a very particular (and large!) managed navigation structure that I wanted to replicate across all environments to make testing code much simpler. This […]

Exporting Term Sets

I don’t know about you, but I really wish there was a way to export managed metadata in SharePoint, especially since SharePoint teases you with the ‘Import Term Set’ option. To get around this I’ve written a little script to export all of the term sets in a term store (easily customizable to just export […]

Perficient Microsoft’s Hackathon

¬†Recently (prior to SharePoint 2013 going RTM), Perficient Microsoft hosted their semi-annual Hackathon focusing on the new SharePoint 2013 App Model. We had 6 teams compete (one team was entirely remote with not a single person in the same room, ah the power of Lync!), and I was so amazed by the wide variety of […]