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Michael AdkinsSenior Content Strategist, Digital Health Strategy

As part of Perficient's Digital Health Strategy team, Michael partners with healthcare organizations to create informative, conversion-centered content for a variety of applications, including websites and blogs. Michael writes content that highlights clients’ service-line offerings, expertise in unique treatments, differentiators in competitive markets and additional factors that are important to patients.

Blogs from this Author

Physician Blogs: How to Position Your Physicians as Thought-Leaders

When people need to find a doctor, most of them turn to the internet. That means your organization’s physicians must find ways to stand out in this hyper-connected, hyper-competitive marketplace. As a healthcare marketer, you’re in a unique position to help your physicians find their voice. Physician blogs are a great way to get your […]

Healthcare Blogs: A Prescription for Healthcare Marketing Success

If there’s one thing healthcare marketers need more of, it’s time. Your day is most likely taken up with monitoring campaigns, analyzing metrics of your digital marketing, adjusting strategies and, of course, meetings. But it’s a simple fact: Healthcare blogs provide significant opportunities to connect with your audience and drive conversions. If your healthcare organization […]

Why Word Choice Has Emotional Consequences in Your Healthcare Content

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou, poet and writer I use the above quote when teaching clients about the best practices of effective web writing for healthcare. It’s a good gut check for […]

Healthcare Storytelling Part 2: Improve Your Patient Stories With the Hero’s Journey

In Part 1 of this series, my colleague Marlana Voerster wrote about the need for healthcare organizations to incorporate principles of good storytelling to make your brand a hero in users’ eyes. In this article, we’ll be talking about storytelling and heroism from another angle: the hero’s journey, also known as the monomyth. It’s a […]

Healthcare Social Media Content: 4 Types You Should Share With Your Audience

“I’m not sure what social media content to put out there.” This is a sentiment we hear often from our healthcare clients—most often if they’re (a) overworked/understaffed or (b) only focusing on one or two social channels or content types, possibly because of misguided advice from other consulting agencies. (Or (c) all of the above.) […]

4 Soft Skills to Take Your Healthcare Content From Good to Great

Writing well is hard work. Writing well for digital audiences, with short attention spans and low patience, is that much harder. Harder still is writing well for a healthcare audience. Good writers who do well in other industries often struggle with healthcare. And that’s in part because of a lack of the right soft skills. […]

Don’t Be So Extra: How to Create Healthcare Content for Generation Z

“I just don’t know how to talk to these Generation-Zers.” I’ve heard this sort of sentiment from many healthcare clients. It’s come up more often in the last few years, as members of Generation Z (Gen Z) are engaging more with healthcare providers in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. My colleague Marlana Voerster has […]

Why Tel Links Can Help Your Healthcare Website Avoid a Bad Connection

Success! You’ve done it: Your healthcare website user is ready to convert. You’ve convinced them with your value proposition, made them feel valued and understood with your thoughtful tone, and motivated them to take action. As they scan for a phone number to reach you … nothing. No tel links. The user moves on. That’s […]

Cropped Shot Of A Female Nurse Hold Her Senior Patient's Hand. Giving Support. Doctor Helping Old Patient With Alzheimer's Disease. Female Carer Holding Hands Of Senior Man

Why Your Value Proposition Is Crucial to Your Healthcare Services Content

“I just don’t know why someone would choose us over a competitor.” It’s a statement we’ve heard from many healthcare marketing professionals when we ask them what makes them stand out from other organizations in their service area — in essence, asking them to identify their value proposition. That’s a real problem, because healthcare consumers […]

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Healthcare Content: The Challenges of Writing for Healthcare Consumers

It seems like such a simple task: Write informative content about your healthcare organization that speaks to your users’ concerns and encourages them to convert. Easy, right? If you’re involved even tangentially with healthcare content development, I’m assuming the preceding paragraph led to sarcastic scoffs or eye-rolling from you. Writing high-quality healthcare content that converts […]

CTA Strategy for Healthcare Content: 4 Ways to Increase Conversions

As we know, many users don’t actually read your healthcare content. Instead, they scan it. They’re scanning for the action that’s relevant to their journey, such as how to schedule an appointment, a phone number or a web form. And, frankly, that’s what you want them to do — to convert. To do that, you […]

Hone Your Healthcare Content’s Tone: 6 Best Practices

The content of your healthcare organization’s website is key. But perhaps as important as the actual substance of what you say on your site is how you say it — the tone in which you present the information. With in-person or video communication, audiences can infer deeper meaning, deduce emotional states, and gauge the speaker’s […]

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