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Joe Mayberry

Joe Mayberry is a Senior Technical Consultant specializing in the Optimizely CMS platform, with over 15 years of experience working with content management systems.

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Beware Zombie Properties

Zombie Properties want to Eat Your Brains

It’s a story as old as time. You work hard to build a great site. You have all the right properties – with descriptive names – that the content authors recognize and know how to use. Everything is going according to plan. The site is good. Life is good. The client is happy. Then BAM! […]

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Update ClaimsIdentity from Okta to Optimizely

We had a project come in for a new Optimizely CMS 12 site, which required SSO integration with Okta. I didn’t have experience setting up SSO with CMS 12, so I started reading documentation, blogs, and forum posts. Most of what I found was for earlier versions of the CMS and not directly applicable anymore. […]