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Jacob King

Jacob King is a Senior Technical Consultant for Perficient, specializing in Sitecore solutions. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and son.

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Ignition Framework: Adding custom field definitions

One of the big drawing points of the Ignition Framework for Sitecore is its usage of field templates. In a traditional Sitecore environment, developers must explicitly add all fields to their templates directly. The Ignition approach is to define Sitecore fields as interfaces; simply inheriting an Ignition field’s interface will bring that field’s functionality into the […]

Viewing Logs Live in Windows

In the world of app troubleshooting, the app’s logs are your best friend. Sometimes you know when your error is happening, but sometimes you need to know, down to the moment, when the error shows up in the log files. In other words, sometimes you want to view all updates to the log exactly as they happen. […]

Sitecore Error: “The Field is not a Layout/Renderings field”

When working in the Sitecore content editor, have you ever seen this error message when you try to select a content item? “The field is not a layout/renderings field”. I encountered this error while consulting for a client, and thousands of content items were affected. This also seemed to be a fairly unusual error, and […]