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Frank PlaisanceLead Technical Consultant

Frank Plaisance is a leader in technical consulting, project management, and customer satisfaction. He has extensive experience in the Managed Services Offering at Perficient, where he works as a Lead Technical Consultant and Service Delivery Manager (SDM) at the Lafayette - US Delivery Center. He is involved in every stage of the project lifecycle, from presales to delivery, and ensures that the clients are thrilled with exceptional support from his team. Frank enjoys working in a dynamic and collaborative environment that fosters innovation and excellence. As a blogger, Frank likes to share his insights and stories about the Culture & Philanthropy events that his office participates in. He believes that having fun and giving back to the local community are essential aspects of his work culture.

Blogs from this Author

April 1st

Spreading Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness Month at our office in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana started a new campaign to spread awareness and support of the cause. We aimed to send out newsletters twice a week with educational resources, encourage donations to a local fundraiser called “Bowling for Autism”, and host a guest speaker. Let’s dive in and explore how […]

Img 1359

Perficient LDC Colleagues “Take Over” St. Joseph’s Diner

Take Over Begins On April 7th, the Perficient LDC Colleagues embarked on a heartfelt mission at St. Joseph’s Diner in Lafayette, Louisiana. With six eager hearts, we took over the kitchen at 613 W. Simcoe St., ready to serve those in need. St. Joseph’s Diner, a beacon of hope in the community, opens its doors […]


Mardi Gras Celebration: The King of Taste

Mardi Gras Begins: Our office came alive with Mardi Gras spirit as we gathered for “The King of Taste” King Cake Tasting event. Mardi Gras, with its rich cultural roots and lively celebrations, inspired us to explore flavors and foster festive camaraderie. Mardi Gras Origins: Before we dive into the decadent world of King Cakes, […]

How My Perficient Team Helped Me Do More for Habitat for Humanity

My first project with Habitat for Humanity was a rewarding experience. I enjoyed being able to do so much good for the less fortunate members of my community. I wanted to support the nonprofit organization again and turned to my Perficient team in Lafayette, LA, this time to join along. I reached out to our […]