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How My Perficient Team Helped Me Do More for Habitat for Humanity

My first project with Habitat for Humanity was a rewarding experience. I enjoyed being able to do so much good for the less fortunate members of my community.

I wanted to support the nonprofit organization again and turned to my Perficient team in Lafayette, LA, this time to join along. I reached out to our local Habitat for Humanity contact and rounded up a group of eight civic-minded colleagues and three friends and family members.

Perficient Lafayette Habitat for Humanity
The volunteer day started with a briefing on the project and then we all jumped right into the work. Our team:

  • Spackled the exterior paint job
  • Sanded rough spots
  • Put a coat of paint on the window and door frames as well as the corners and the bottom border
  • Sanded the indoor frames smooth
  • Coped baseboards
  • Primed closet poles

We split up into two teams – indoor and outdoor. It was a beautiful day, so the outside work was not too hot. I was part of the outdoor crew, and we played music and chatted with each other and the Habitat for Humanity crew.

Everyone was enthusiastic. I felt great, and the day went quickly. I was actually surprised when it was time to pick up. I had so much energy that day.

It feels good to know someone who needs this will benefit from our work.

These types of residential renovation opportunities are important to our community. The cost of housing keeps climbing, and many low-income families are unable to afford it. If they can, the roof over their heads is typically all they can afford. Habitat for Humanity gives these families a chance to get on their feet.

I have made a personal commitment to getting another team back out there once per quarter. It will be rewarding to see how far along the project has come four times a year.

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Frank Plaisance, Lead Technical Consultant

Frank Plaisance is a leader in technical consulting, project management, and customer satisfaction. He has extensive experience in the Managed Services Offering at Perficient, where he works as a Lead Technical Consultant and Service Delivery Manager (SDM) at the Lafayette - US Delivery Center. He is involved in every stage of the project lifecycle, from presales to delivery, and ensures that the clients are thrilled with exceptional support from his team. Frank enjoys working in a dynamic and collaborative environment that fosters innovation and excellence. As a blogger, Frank likes to share his insights and stories about the Culture & Philanthropy events that his office participates in. He believes that having fun and giving back to the local community are essential aspects of his work culture.

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