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Dan Read

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How to Make Parent-Child Lists and Forms in SharePoint 2010

In this article we will explore how to make parent-child list relationships in SharePoint 2010, at both the list level and the user interface form level. At the list level, we will describe how to use a Lookup field to create the relationship at the list level. At the user interface level, we will document […]

A Few Things About SharePoint Workspace and Groove

The SharePoint Workspace 2010 and Groove Server 2010 technologies from Microsoft are designed to address this common business scenario: An organization has documents, lists, and other assets stored in SharePoint 2010, but the organization also has a good number of users who are often working in a situation where they are not maintaining an active […]

Website and Portal Design: Beware the Deadly Crickets

Imagine you are outside on a moonlit night, maybe near an old farmhouse, or a favorite camping spot. There is no one around but you. The moonlight and the quiet create a vast sense of space. All you hear is the open, empty sounds of the night. The main sound you hear all around you, […]