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Brent Buck

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How Do You Successfully Sell a Siebel Upgrade to the Business?

Over the last two years, I have seen an increasing number of clients using Siebel CRM exploring a Siebel upgrade, only to delay until “next year”.  This reasoning usually makes sense from a business perspective based on the commonly touted benefits.  Lets look a the commonly touted benefits, and the common business (or budgeting) response. […]

Introduction to Siebel OpenUI

In my 14+ Siebel CRM projects, the one question that I’ve heard most is “Does it work on Chrome (or Firefox, or Safari)?”  I’ve always been a disappointed to have to say, “No, it only works on IE.” In the days of the old bandwidth-limited web, Siebel’s web architecture was great. Considering the standard experience […]