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Andrew Tegethoff

Andy leads Perficient's Microsoft BI team. He has 16 years of IT and software experience with a primary focus on Enterprise Information Management solutions using the Microsoft Data Platform.

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Cortana Analytics and Information Management

In previous posts I’ve provided an introduction to Microsoft’s cloud-based Cortana Analytics Suite, and we’ve looked at what data and event ingest capability it provides.  This time, I want to shed some light on what happens after Ingest.  Where do you land the data so that you can work to transform it into actionable intelligence? […]

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Data and Event Ingest with Cortana Analytics

In my last post, I introduced Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite, a collection of Azure-based PaaS and SaaS offerings bundled to provide a comprehensive toolkit for building Advanced Analytics and IoT solutions.  These are cloud-based resources to perform a variety of functions, from collecting telemetry from remote devices, to predicting diabetes-related hospital readmissions, to showing real-time race […]

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Introducing Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite

As far back as this year’s Ignite event, Microsoft has been mentioning “Cortana Analytics” by name.  But at the first-ever Cortana Analytics Workshop in Redmond this past Sept 10 and 11, they unveiled a bigger offering and vision linking their current slate of cloud-based data platform tools. It’s known that Microsoft has been using Big […]

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Azure: Did You Know? Azure Data Factory

One of Azure’s ever-increasing number of new data platform services, Azure Data Factory provides the ability to execute and orchestrate Big Data workflows. Azure Data Factory allows you to manage and produce information by offering an easy way to create, orchestrate, and monitor data pipelines.  Activities are combined into Pipelines, and these pipelines are used […]

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Microsoft Azure Helps Drive Healthcare Advances through Analytics

A recent press release from the University of Washington Tacoma provides a great example of how Big Data and Advanced Analytics are having a direct impact on the Healthcare industry. Readmission rates are a hot topic for hospital and health care systems across the country, so the application of cutting edge data science to the […]

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Power BI General Availability Date Announced

In a little bit of an underplayed blog post, Microsoft announced last weekend that Power BI general availability would be July 24, 2015.   This is great to finally hear/read, because it has felt like DECADES since the preview for the Power BI “new experience” went online. In reality though, it’s only been since the beginning of […]

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Microsoft HDInsight Joins the BAA for HIPAA Compliance

For those who would like to take advantage of HDInsight — Microsoft’s Azure-based Hadoop service — but have had concerns regarding compliance and security, this news is for you. HDInsight is now part of Microsoft’s Azure compliance BAA for HIPAA.  In fact, Azure as a whole — including Storage and Azure SQL services — are now […]

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Power BI Refresh for both Online and On-Premises Data Sources

Great news!  As of July 7, 2015, data refresh is alive and working in Power BI v2! Last month, the Power BI team activated the ability to refresh from online sources like Salesforce, Azure storage, and Google Analytics.  But now, you can refresh datasetsthat connect to on-premises sources as well.   All the common on-premises data sources […]

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On-Premises BI Gets a Boost in SQL Server 2016

At their recent Ignite conference in Chicago, Microsoft unleashed a flood of new information about their products and services across a wide variety of functions.   Business Intelligence was not left out, by any means, with announcements of exciting new cloud-based offerings such as Azure Data Warehouse and Azure Data Lake.  But given all the focus […]

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Office365 May Updates Enhance Power Map

In the May 2015 update for Office 365, Power Map users get a number of enhancements and new features. Unfamiliar with Power Map?  It’s one of the “Power Tools” that are part of the Power BI offering as included in Excel 2013 and Excel Pro Plus in Office 365,  Power Map provides some very cool […]

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Microsoft Azure Data Platform Capability Expands Yet Again

Yet again, Microsoft builds on their increasingly compelling Data Platform story by bringing out new offerings. As my colleague Stan Tartinovksy wrote last week, Azure Data Warehouse is coming.   But that’s not the only new piece of the Microsoft data environment. Also announced at the Ignite 2015 conference was a new Elastic Databases feature for Azure […]

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Microsoft and Adobe to Partner Around Marketing and CRM Spaces

A news item from Microsoft at Adobe Summit today indicates that they will engage in a strategic partnership which will    feature the integration of Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. According to Microsoft’s Kirill Tatarinov (EVP, Microsoft Business Solutions): Helping our customers reinvent productivity and business processes is one of our top priorities. Partnering with […]

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Webinar – Microsoft Big Data and Advanced Analytics

I recently participated in a webinar on the topic of Big Data/Advanced Analytics and how the Microsoft platform supports it.  My colleague Shankar RamaNathan spoke first about the various challenges of truly seeing ROI out of Big Data initiatives.  Then I spoke about how the Microsoft Data Platform, both in the cloud and on-premises, provides […]

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5 Ways the BI Experience in SharePoint is Evolving

A post on the Microsoft Office blog today entitled “Evolution of SharePoint”  grabbed my attention.  In it, Office Product Management team General Manager Julia White discussed ways the SharePoint platform is changing to fit its niche in the cloud and on premises. As I read the article, I started thinking about how SharePoint BI has […]

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Microsoft giving away Power BI — for FREE?!?

As crazy as it may sound, Microsoft has decided to give away Power BI  for free. Why?  That’s easy: they want Tableau’s market. Well, maybe that’s not the entire answer.  After all, Microsoft played nicely with Tableau for years, largely viewing them as a partner.  But frankly, they were leaving a fairly large market opportunity […]

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New Power BI Features Released for Preview

The Microsoft Power BI blog announced last Thursday that new features were now in Preview, and I can tell you that this is news worth seeing. Among the highlights this preview includes are: Power BI Dashboards  –  This configuration of the base visual approach in Power View into a coherent Dashboard interface is a smart […]

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Getting Started with Power BI, pt. 4

Last week, I posted part three of our Power BI Primer series discussing administration of Power BI Sites and user permissions.  This week we’re finishing up with Part Four. If you are an Office365 customer, then you have almost certainly heard about (if not seen) Power BI. The cloud-based analytics and collaboration platform from Microsoft has some […]

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Getting Started with Power BI, pt. 3

Last week, I posted part two of our Power BI Primer series discussing administration of Power BI Sites and user permissions.  Today, we’re bringing you Part Three. If you are an Office365 customer, then you have almost certainly heard about (if not seen) Power BI. The cloud-based analytics and collaboration platform from Microsoft has some […]

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Azure ML on the forefront of Advanced Analytics

My colleague Sean Roy just put up a great post about Gartner’s predictions for Advanced Analytics in 2015: This is of obvious interest to us in the Microsoft universe, as we perennially end up being in the  “happy” part of Gartner’s magic quadrant, and since Microsoft’s ongoing data and analytics story is called out here.  […]

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Getting Started With Power BI, pt. 2

Last week, I posted part one of our Power BI Primer series discussing access and basic administration. This week we’re bringing you Part Two. If you are an Office365 customer, then you have almost certainly heard about (if not seen) Power BI. The cloud-based analytics and collaboration platform from Microsoft has some pretty amazing features, […]

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