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Ashar Khan

Information Worker Solution Specialist with experience of building intranet & extranet portals for over 6 years using SharePoint technologies involving highly complex customizations for enterprises in order to deliver specialized business outcomes. With strong focus on .net frameworks 2.0 & 3.5 using C# and background in developing with Microsoft technologies I have developed various custom components and led complex deployments for SharePoint Server.

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Dynamically loading the CSS from different site collection

While working on a client project recently, I discovered that I needed to explore the option to load multiple CSS files from a different site collection, a Portal site. Additional site collections, in this case, are connected to the portal site to consume resources including lists and dynamically generated content. This is because there will […]

Multi Task Activity for Parallel Workflow Tasks in SharePoint

Sometime ago I came across the issue of handling multiple tasks in parallel. Turned out Windows Workflow Foundation provides a friendly replicator activity. So I decided to use it to develop a workflow that upon kick off reads items from other lists for assignment, business areas and notification lists and spawn multiple tasks dynamically in […]

Variation Labels (_Layouts/VariationLabels.aspx) is broken

I have been assigned on a project to investigate some issues with SharePoint Variations and the first issue I encountered was the error shows up when I click on Variation Labels link under Site Settings. The error pops up with a message “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object” and correlation ID. As […]

Understanding App Model in SharePoint 2013

Today I am going to talk about application model in SharePoint 2013. There are tons of hundreds of articles, videos, blogs and msdn how-to videos available online and they are pretty good too. The reason for sharing my thoughts on the subject is to give you a concise, holistic view in couple of paragraphs that […]