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Celebrating Women’s Empowerment: Perficient’s Commemoration of International Women’s Day

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In the spirit of recognizing and honoring the invaluable contributions of women around the globe, Perficient, a leading digital consultancy firm, celebrated International Women’s Day with enthusiasm and dedication on March 8th.

Women in Technology at Perficient emerged organically – a result of passion, resilience, and a collective vision for change. Elisha Goldman, Director at Perficient was one of the founding members and a driving force behind the community’s inception. She recounts the story of how it all began.

Elisha was an active member of the Chicago Women In Tech community long before she joined Perficient. She drew inspiration from the stories of fellow trailblazers navigating the challenges of the male-dominated tech industry. These women leaders shared their struggles openly, yet their triumphs resonated the loudest.

Upon joining Perficient in 2018, Elisha continued her engagement with the Women in Tech, Chicago community, thanks to the unwavering support from her aligned GM, John DeSue, who encouraged Elisha to extend her engagement within the company. With a vision to promote a culture supporting diverse perspectives and facilitate networking for women at Perficient, Elisha and other supporters launched Women in Tech at Perficient in mid-2019. With a modest yet determined group of 10-20 members, an official Slack channel, and monthly meetups, the community soon began to flourish. Elisha fondly recalls some of the pivotal events from the early days, such as attending CHIWITCON (Chicago Women in Tech Conference), in 2019, which further fueled the community’s growth and outreach. Contributions from Amy Myers and Megan Lewis were integral in helping shape the community’s trajectory. 

By mid-2020, Andrea Lampert joined the Women in Tech community and spearheaded the formation of the first official Employee Resource Group at Perficient – the Women in Tech ERG known today for its impactful contributions to fostering diversity and inclusion within Perficient and beyond. Elisha along with Erin Moloney were the first Co-Leads of the official Women in Tech ERG at Perficient.

Perficient’s commemoration of International Women’s Day was not merely a token gesture but a heartfelt acknowledgment of the diverse talents, expertise, and leadership that women bring to the workplace and society at large. The company organized a series of events and initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and awareness.

As part of Perficient’s commitment to gender equality, the celebration of International Women’s Day extended beyond a single day. Throughout the month, the company continued to host discussions, workshops, and mentorship programs aimed at empowering women and fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. These initiatives not only amplify the voices of women but also promote allyship and advocacy among colleagues of all genders.

One of the highlights of Perficient’s celebration was the recognition of influential women within the organization. Through a nomination process, employees were encouraged to put forward the names of women who have made a significant impact professionally, personally, or within the community. These nominees represented a spectrum of roles, from executives and managers to frontline employees, each contributing in their unique way to Perficient’s success and culture. Their stories served as a source of inspiration for colleagues, emphasizing the importance of diversity and the value of women’s voices in the workplace.

In conclusion, Perficient’s celebration of International Women’s Day underscores the company’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace where every individual, regardless of gender, can thrive and succeed. By honoring the achievements of women and advocating for gender equality, Perficient not only strengthens its own organizational culture but also contributes to a more equitable society at large. As we reflect on the significance of this day, let us reaffirm our collective resolve to create a world where women’s contributions are celebrated, valued, and recognized every day of the year.

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