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Salesforce: A Growth Mindset for 2024 and Beyond

Success And Victory In The Mountains

We’re in Our #GrowthEra 

It’s a new year, and with that, there is always change. One of those changes is that I’m now leading Perficient’s Salesforce business unit as the Managing Director. I’ve had the opportunity to work in the Salesforce ecosystem for 8+ years with top-notch talent. Our team continues to do amazing work for our clients, maximizing the value they’ve invested in the Salesforce platform, bringing innovation to life, and driving business outcomes. I’m eager to inspire and guide our team through our #growthera and drive adoption of Salesforce globally. I’m based in Fargo, ND, but have an amazing, diverse team of consultants across the globe. 

A Brief Look at 2023 

Our Salesforce practice showed up big in 2023! We retained our Summit-level partnership, delighted our clients with white glove delivery, and expanded our relationships throughout the ecosystem. We established ourselves as a key Salesforce partner.  

Our global depth grew exponentially across India and Latin America.  

What Does This All Mean?  

We are poised and ready to make a difference, on our way to becoming the world’s most trusted and sought-after Salesforce practice. We are famous for building long-standing partnerships with our clients. We bring the global depth, scale, and industry expertise our larger competitors bring, but with the flexibility and collaboration of our smaller competitors. If you aren’t getting the value that you expect out of your current Salesforce partner, want a partner that will grow and evolve with you, and want to tie output to business outcomes, we are your partner. 

It’s a new era and I can’t wait to see what this team achieves in 2024 and beyond! I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn and learn how we can partner together to make a difference.  

Perficient + Salesforce 

As a leading Salesforce consulting partner, we are on a mission to harness the power of Salesforce to solve complex business problems. With specialized knowledge in Data Cloud, Einstein AI, Marketing Cloud, and Experience Cloud, our team is dedicated to crafting innovative digital experiences that drive client success.

We aren’t just experts; we’re storytellers who understand the unique needs and challenges in the manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and life sciences, and financial services industries. We team up with our industry and solution experts to build complex enterprise ecosystems for our clients, and through our commitment to building authentic relationships with clients and partners, we foster collaboration and trust that lead to sustainable growth.

At the heart of our mission is our belief in lifting up people and communities. By leveraging our global team’s skills and resources, we strive to solve complex business problems and leave a meaningful impact on society.

Join us in our journey to revolutionize the way businesses connect, engage, and thrive in the digital era.


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