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Perficient Launches LiveWell Employee Resource Group

Livewell Erg Logo

New ERG Will Assist in Delivering On Our People Promise

At Perficient, our success is defined by our colleagues. Because of this, Perficient has promised to challenge, champion, and celebrate its people, and that includes empowering their personal health and well-being.

Today, we proudly announce the launch of the LiveWell Employee Resource Group (ERG), a community of Perficient colleagues passionate about health and wellness that aims to support everyone in achieving better overall well-being. The ERG will focus on providing support for employees to strengthen their health, relationships, and personal finances. This ERG will be a resource for all Perficient colleagues on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

New ERG is Committed to Colleague Well-Being

The LiveWell ERG will help guide colleagues on their path to find happiness in and out of the workplace. The ERG won’t define what health is for anyone. Instead, LiveWell will give colleagues evidence-based resources and provide engaging activities so everyone can define and pursue the best versions of themselves on their own terms. Everyone’s journey will look different, and we aim to foster a culture that celebrates those just starting their journey, as well as those who are well on their way!

The LiveWell ERG is led by our executive sponsor, Glenn Kline, Area Vice President of Product Development Operations.Glenn Kline 2

“At Perficient, we recognize that health and well-being are important to our colleagues worldwide. LiveWell provides a unique opportunity for our colleagues to unite, exchange ideas, and actively participate in wellness activities. Together, we empower each other to enhance our individual well-being, fostering a culture of collective support and shared growth.”

  • Glenn Kline, Area Vice President

Our Leaders Stand Behind Our Goals

The LiveWell ERG leadership team comes from different walks of life, and all provide a unique perspective on what health and wellness means to them. Here is what they had to say about our LiveWell ERG’s goals and why they are important to them:

Promotes awareness of tools and resources to improve physical, mental, financial, and relationship health.

“Many people live by default patterns of behavior – having the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions, and performing the same actions. It’s easy to allow time to pass with health, finances, and relationships remaining unchanged. Raising awareness is the first step to interrupting a pattern and making a  significant change.”

  • Mike Thacker, Custom Development + DevOps Director

Creates programs to support health goals.

“With LiveWell, we’re able to create programs that promote a wide variety of healthy habits. Things like spending time outside before 10 a.m., savoring a meal without distraction, or even achieving a state of ‘play’ can have wonderful effects on our well-being. In fact, if you’re reading this, can you think of the last time you did those things? I hope it was recent, but if not, give them a try!”

  • Molly Etnier, Technical Consultant

Encourages colleagues to engage with others in wellness activities and discussions.

“Creating a culture that embraces wellness is not just about personal health, but also about fostering connections among colleagues. We want to create a space that encourages one another to get excited about health and wellness! When we make time to prioritize our health, we show up as better partners, parents, friends, and co-workers.”

  • Gaby Perez, Talent Acquisition Manager

Plans activities and events around wellness initiatives.

“Events and activities help establish a platform for members to engage in meaningful discussions and wellness activities, creating a sense of community and a shared commitment to well-being. My hope is that these events serve as a catalyst for building a supportive culture where members are encouraged to prioritize and enhance their physical, mental, financial, and relationship health.”

  • David LaGamba, Senior Technical Architect

Stay Tuned and Join Us On This Journey

Our first three ERGs, Women in Technology (WiT), the Giving ERG, and Cultural Connections ERG, have helped thousands of Perficient colleagues foster deep connections, give back to our communities, and expand colleagues’ understanding of various cultures and backgrounds across the globe. The LiveWell ERG will create a community focused on the health and well-being of every Perficient colleague.

Like the three ERGs before us, we will host events that educate, enable, and inspire colleagues on their path to a healthier life. We can’t wait to see how the LiveWell ERG plays a part in everyone’s wellness journey.


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