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Balancing Work & Play: Team Outing at Club Cabana


Balancing work and play is crucial for maintaining a healthy work environment in the fast-paced world of deadlines and meetings. Our office recently took a refreshing break from the routine and embarked on an outing to Club Cabana, an amusement park that seamlessly blends work and play. Our colleagues, divided into two spirited teams, Team Adhaar & and Team Pushpa, showcased exceptional teamwork throughout the day.

The day started with various team-building activities to strengthen our bonds and foster collaboration. As Team Adhaar and Team Pushpa engaged in multiple challenges, both teams exhibited exceptional performance, showcasing talents and skills. The competitive spirit was high, but the atmosphere remained friendly and supportive. It was inspiring to witness colleagues stepping out of their comfort zones, taking on leadership roles, and contributing to the success of their teams.

Post lunch, the real adventure began with thrilling water rides that washed away any lingering stress. Laughter echoed across the water park as colleagues embraced the excitement of each slide and splash.


From rope walking to target shooting, archery to cricket, and badminton, each activity became a source of enjoyment for everyone. The refreshing activities rejuvenated our spirits and reinforced the importance of unwinding and letting loose outside the office walls.

At the high tea session, the exhaustion was noticeable, but the smiles on our faces told a different story – a story of satisfaction, achievement, and strengthened bonds.

As the end of our adventure approached, we started the journey back with a mix of fatigue and contentment. The bus ride turned into a joyful chorus of songs and laughter, with colleagues sharing anecdotes from the day. It was a perfect conclusion to an enjoyable trip, leaving us with memories to cherish.


The office outing at Club Cabana was not just a day of fun and games. It showcased the importance of balancing work and play in our professional lives. The camaraderie forged during the team-building activities, the thrill of water rides, and the joy of friendly competitions all contributed to a well-rounded experience. As we returned, we carried with us the valuable lesson of how such breaks and trips are essential for a successful and happy team.

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Gomathy Raveena Nair

Meet Raveena Nair, Lead technical consultant at Perficient and a skilled IT professional with seven years of experience in the industry. She is passionate about exploring the latest technologies and is focused on mastering the MERN stack/Full Stack and cyber security. Having spent all her years in development, Raveena possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in various programming languages, including Node, React.js, Python, Basic Java, and Salesforce platform. Additionally, she has hands-on experience in Android and Linux Automation (Shell). Before Perficient, she has contributed to providing add-on features to clients along with ongoing projects and timely deliverables. Received accolades and awards from senior executives in a short tenure. Constantly striving to leverage her skills and experience to enhance the overall user experience for clients and end-users alike.

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