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Perficient Included in Two Commerce-Focused IDC Market Glances

IDC Market Glance

The concept of a universal commerce solution does not exist. The market is vast, and buyers have to determine which software and services are truly necessary for their commerce operations. As the industry rapidly transitions to microservices and headless systems, digital commerce software vendors must establish a strong partner ecosystem to thrive. Moreover, as they move their operations online, they require a wide range of tools to effectively communicate with customers and sell products and services.

IDC Market Glances

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have been included in two IDC Market Glances – IDC Market Glance: Digital Commerce Software, 2Q23, doc # US50574523, April 2023 and IDC Market Glance: Core Commerce Layer Software and Services, 2Q23, doc # US50574623, April 2023.

Our first listing as a System Integrator Services and Consultancy is in the IDC Market Glance: Digital Commerce, which provides an overview of the digital commerce market, “Digital commerce consultants often look at the business as a whole – strategy, website, operations, software, products, inventory, business models, etc. – to provide insights to improve revenue and procedural efficiency.”

Our second mention was for the System Integrator Services and Consultancy category in the IDC Market Glance: Core Commerce Layer Software and Services, which looks at the core layer software and services market from a high-level view. The categories in this report reflect the need for specialized software and services to stand up, maintain, and transform the core engine of cutting-edge systems for commerce.

According to IDC, “a systems integrator designs and implements systems for digital commerce; SI services ameliorate the need for in-house talent that can stand up and engineer often complex systems composed of various commerce systems, API, and microservices.”

Delivering End-to-End Experience

Our team delivers end-to-end experience-driven commerce solutions and we believe we have proven expertise in the commerce space, including digital commerce software and services.

To learn more about how Perficient can help optimize your commerce strategy and execution, visit

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