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Key Takeaways from Splash 2023 – Part 1

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So much time is spent planning for Splash, OneStream’s Global User Conference and Partner Summit and then it feels like it’s gone in the blink of an eye! Four days of best practices, product updates, networking, and hands-on workshops with finance and industry experts – what a fantastic event!

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The Perficient team was in full force at Splash. We had two speaking sessions, one virtual and one in-person. This year we introduced OneSteamers to our partnership with RioBotz and their BattleBots competitor, Minotaur. Show attendees were able to engage in battle with Minotaur and its rival and seven lucky winners of Hexbug Rivals Kits were able to Take the Battle Home! As we look back on our time at Splash, the team wanted to share their thoughts with our readers. If you didn’t get a chance to attend Splash or even if you did, I’m sure you’ll enjoy highlights from the team.

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Racheal C.

I really loved the venue for Splash 2023!  The Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center at National Harbor was positioned in a lovely location with views of our nation’s capital.  Food, entertainment, and additional accommodations were within walking distance.

Sharing the HNI success story at Splash with two finance professionals from HNI, Terra Simpson and Jennifer Curry was a highlight. More than 100 attendees packed the room to learn how HNI used the OneStream RCM Account Reconciliations solution, along with an enhancement developed by Perficient, to identify Cash Flow adjustments using Reconciling Item Types and automate the posting of these adjustments to Actuals.

My favorite takeaways from the week were from Designing for Performance and System Diagnostics.  In Designing for Performance,Level 2 Financial Model Rules the team laid out why the initial dimension design is so crucial.  Potential Data Unit size is determined by your dimensions and their members.  They made a strong case for the use of Extensibility to optimize performance.  At the other end of the spectrum, the System Diagnostics highlighted ways to identify opportunities to improve application performance.  The new System Diagnostics MarketPlace Solution deployed in early 2023 highlights the Top Application Metrics to focus on for improved performance.  Guess which was number 1?  Data Unit Size!  I could talk about this for days… Actually, I am talking about this for 2 days in May and would love to see you in the upcoming OneStream Level 2 Financial Model Rules course on May 23 and 24.

Steven D.

As a first-time conference attendee, I found it extremely informative and an overall great experience. I would recommend trying to attend at least once, both from a developer or customer standpoint. There are a variety of sessions and topics that will satisfy both beginners to advanced users. The opening keynote was a highlight for me and a great way to kick off the week as I was able to reminisce about the growth of OneStream and be inspired by future plans.

A few memorable takeaways come to mind as I think about Splash:

  • While demo sessions sounded like they would be great for technical partners, I found that attending customer sessions provided better value because they presented realistic challenges and some discussed how their thought process around designing the application the way they did.
  • Attending simple sessions like utilizing Hybrid/Entity Aggregation, which was a feature released for a while now, gave me ideas on how to design future applications to drive performance and efficiency. With a simple Scenario setting configuration, you’re able to set up a comparison report that can copy and aggregate data for selected accounts without having to write any business rules.
  • From the Omni Hotels use case, they emphasized how important it is to stress/performance test the system before going live especially when the user base will be in the 100+ count. Performing unit or UAT testing with a handful of concurrent users and opening up the application to 20 concurrent users will yield different results.

Ryan M.

First off the venue was great. All in one place and very convenient. The evening event Perficient held at Harbor Social was a big success and a lot of fun.  What I really liked most about Splash was the combination of seeing old colleagues, meeting new customers, and bonding with the Perficient team.  Working in a remote environment you lose that face-to-face contact and this helped to reinforce relationships.

Regarding Splash content, I really liked the idea of incorporating AI and Machine learning into the OneStream ecosystem.  I see it not only from an end product perspective, i.e., more dynamic and relevant forecasting but also from the perspective on how it can be used to make our jobs more efficient.  I also learned a lot about ESG reporting.  To me, I can see how this will generate a lot of opportunities for us and will continue to advance over time as this reporting becomes more defined and incorporated into corporate reporting.  They made note of how companies will begin to report and forecast ESG along with their quarterly financials eventually blending the two together where they can gleam opportunities to improve their ESG ratings over time.

Lastly, I found it very informative regarding the future of the OneStream ecosystem.  Moving to an open marketplace where partners can share and provide application enhancements presents an opportunity for Perficient to differentiate ourselves.  All in all, I had a great time at Splash, learned a lot, and look forward to going again.

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