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Introduction to Scrum Methodology

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This read provides information to the enthusiastic readers the knowledge of scrum

Scrum is an Agile model framework. Agile is the best when we need to work quickly. Scrum is an agile method that enables us to concentrate on providing the greatest value to our business in the shortest possible time. It lets us all promptly and frequently check actual working software.

Scrum is majorly used for the development of:

  • Commercial software
  • In-house development
  • Contract development
  • Fixed price Project
  • Financial applications
  • Video game development
  • ISV applications


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Characteristics of Scrum

The following are some of the attributes of scrum

  • Self-organizing teams
  • A series of 1-4 week sprints are used to build the product.
  • No specific engineering procedures are necessary.
  • Creates an agile environment for accomplishing assignments via generative principle


A Scrum project advances via several sprints. The typical time frame is two to four weeks, or at most one month. During the sprint, the product is developed, coded, and tested. Scrum teams do a little of everything constantly rather than doing them all at once


Scrum Framework


These are the 3 major roles

  • Product owner
  • Scrum master
  • Team


Artifacts includes planning the development of a product and the necessary steps need to be taken

  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint backlog
  • Burndown charts


The major 4 scrum ceremonies are

  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Daily scrum meeting

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Product Owner

He is a team client and drives the product from a business perspective

Responsibilities: Define the features of the product, decide when it will be released, and what will be included in it. Also, decide on the product’s release date and its content. He can accept or reject work results and reprioritizes things to meet requirements.


Scrum Master

He serves as the team’s facilitator and assists them in using the agile technique.

Responsibilities: He is in charge of carrying out the scrum values and practices as the project’s management representative, Also removes obstacles and makes sure the team is effective and completely operational.


The Team

  • Usually 5 to 9 persons
  • It should be cross-functional and self-organizing
  • Programmers, testers, and other professionals should be included.
  • Membership should only vary between sprints.

Sprint Planning

  • Select the sprint goal
  • Determine how to achieve the goal
  • Analyse and evaluate the product backlog
  • Create the sprint backlog from the backlog items
  • Estimate the sprint backlog in hours.

Daily Scrum

Scrum is an informal team meeting where updates are shared.

Sprint Review

Showcases the team’s work from the sprint in the form of a demonstration of new features on the underlying architecture

Sprint Retrospective

After the sprint review, the team gathers to discuss what went wrong, and what they want to start, stop, and continue doing. It also looks at what is and is not working

Sprint Backlog

In order to manage the sprint backlog these things are taken care of- Task priorities are revised. Work is never assigned, and the amount of work left to do is updated every day. Any team member may modify the sprint backlog by adding or removing items.



I hope this 4 minute read helped us understood how scrum is followed . We have got a broader view of the Scrum Framework such as its Roles, Artifacts, Ceremonies, and the Responsibilities of the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and the Team

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