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Outstanding October!

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Life at Perficient GDC is always eventful, we always look forward to celebrations and gatherings and never let go of an opportunity to have fun. This October has been outstanding just like our Mesmerizing March..  Everybody would agree on Diwali month is a happening one and Perficient Nagpur added to its fervor with a plenteous event. So, fasten your seat belt as I take you on a thrilling ride through Nagpur GDC’s eventful October month. 

It’s All About Being a Team: 

The month of October in Perficient witnessed many visits from our onshore colleagues. Having On-Shore teammates in-house was quite interesting for the team at GDC Nagpur as they got to meet and know them in person, strengthening their professional relations. 

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“Love All” and the match begins: 

We started off with a sports competition after all some adrenaline rush is good occasionally. 

Perficient Table Tennis League was all about serving, spinning, and smashing your way to glory. This is what we witnessed during the Table Tennis tournament at Perficient GDC, Nagpur. 

The overwhelming participation, bewildering matches, and boundless fun surrounded everyone with cheer and joy. The final match of Rakesh Gavel vs Prashant Shrivastava was one of a kind. Sadhana Gupta, Sonal Wakodikar, and Ankita Rawat were marvelous along with Pratik Sahare and Mayur Kadu’s fiery match. The table tennis tournament was surely a thrilling affair. 

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Diwali Jamboree: 

Diwali at Perficient is always dazzling. 

Wondering!! What is Jamboree and what was there in Diwali Jamboree? 

Jamboree is a series of celebrations that we witnessed on the day of Diwali. Right from engrossing fun through the board game of Tambola/ Bingo to the wonderous performances under “Perficient Got Talent”, it was a perfect package of eventful celebrations. 

Perficient Got Talent!! 

The overwhelming responses from our colleagues made us include an elimination round as well in Perficient Got Talent Judging the performances was not an easy feat for our judges, after all, how can one select just one out of all the exhilarating performances. 

As it is said, “Music is the strongest form of magic” and the magical evening began with the euphonious performances from our singers Rubina Sheikh, Zeeshan Ahmad, Ahmad Raza Kaliwala, Shubham Khote, and Ashwini Bhave’s songs were out of the world. Shweta Kulkarni’s classical performance and the Beat Busters Diksha Vazirani, Snehal Bhute, and Sayali Ninawe’s beautiful performance in the saree were graceful. 

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What best game can give more fun than the game of Bingo? I personally find it to be the only game where the excitement and hopes are very high from calling the first number. The giggles turned to guffaws as the game and winning continued. Enjoyment and happiness reached their peak when our GM Anurag Shivhare distributed the prizes. 

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Best Ethnic Attire 

The whole Perficient GDC Nagpur office was decorated to reflect the mood that Diwali brings in, bright flower garlands hung at the entrances and a colorful centerpiece in the lobby. The same resonated in how our colleagues glammed up for the rendezvous like never before, everyone in their ethnic best. I am sure it was sure a hard mountain to climb for juries to identify the Best Dressed Man and Woman. 

Hey DJ, play it loud!! 

A celebration cannot end without hitting the floor, right? With all those famous song numbers, fun, and energy in the atmosphere, Perficient GDC Nagpur had a blast enjoying the Diwali celebration. All thanks to our GM Anurag Shivhare for this amazing celebration. 

I think the curiosity level must have reached the level where you can wait no more. Let us take you to experience the Diwali Jamboree – an amazing series of celebrations at the Perficient GDC Nagpur office.

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Ashwini Rathe

Ashwini Rathe is HCM Generalist with Perficient GDC Nagpur. With a hybrid background of Engineering and Master of Business Administration, she holds 7+ years of experience in Human Resource Management. In her free time, she likes reading, traveling, and going out on nature safaris.

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