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Oh Yeah…It was a Mesmerizing March!

Women's Day Celebration 01

March has been always a month of exploring new possibilities and expanding our boundaries. And yes, for us at Perficient GDC Nagpur, March began with a bang! We on-boarded the highest number of new team members in a single day, celebrated our diligent ladies, and had absolute fun enjoying our most colorful festival “Holi” along with our wonderful colleagues.

If you are thinking, “All of that in a month?”. Yes, you are correct, we did all that in Mesmerizing March.

On-boarding 52 new Colleagues at Perficient GDC Nagpur

Batch Joiners

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022 we onboarded 52 new colleagues at Perficient GDC Nagpur.

More than 650 aspiring candidates from various colleges participated in an open campus virtual drive which was organized by Perficient GDC Nagpur. The recruitment process was designed to evaluate aptitude, logical reasoning, and communication test followed by Technical & HR interview. Perficient GDC Nagpur has always been a very big proponent of conducting frequent fresher drives for hiring interns and training them over various technologies. A sizeable number of current Perficient Nagpur colleagues who joined as an intern, have grown to become valuable team members & leaders over the past many years.

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Kunal Satpute

“This was an experience which I would relish for my lifetime where I was able to relive the start of my career at Perficient with the same enthusiasm and excitement. It was such a rewarding experience to welcome the 50+ new colleagues to our Perficient family.”

Kunal Satpute, Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Perficient GDC Nagpur


Sayli N

Sayli Ninawe

” It was very smooth and sorted experience to go along with. I was glad about the warm welcome that I received at reception and then by HR team. Everyone was helpful and process was very streamlined making it an easy onboarding. I didn’t face any issue while going through the process. It was a very good experience overall.”

Sayli Ninawe, Intern Consulting, Perficient GDC Nagpur


The HCM team along with IT Infrastructure ensured the new colleagues had a wonderful and knowledgeable onboarding experience with the Perficient family. This is how the first week concluded with energetic fresh talented pool of individual became part of our team.

International Women’s Day Celebration at Perficient GDC Nagpur

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The second week was even more majestic. Perficient celebrated and cherished the contribution made by all its female colleagues. The day was dedicated to commemorating the social, economical, cultural, political, and technological achievements of women which was full of energy, enthusiasm and empowering Perficient women throughout the world.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day 2022 was “#BreakTheBias”. Bias exists everywhere, whether it is deliberate or unconscious. They might be based on gender, age, racial, belonging, religion, education, status, home origin, nature of work, job seniority, etc. To address on this theme, we had the honor of having two eminent personalities of Nagpur:

  • An Experienced Psychologist – Rashida K. Amreliwala, from one of the biggest multi-specialty hospital of Nagpur &
  • A qualified IAS Officer Buveneswari Suriyan, currently serving as CEO in NSSCDCL – (IAS), CEO Nagpur.

Both the guests were amazingly unique personalities with their distinctive experiences and way of life.

Ms Rashida Amreliwala

Dr. Rashida Amreliwala


Dr. Rashida K. Amreliwala emphasized on importance of mental health, and she introduced the term of “work-life harmony”. Dr. Rasheeda says, “One cannot maintain equilibrium in work and life at the same time, this is like a seesaw, either of the roles are bound to face up and down. Today, we need to direct our attention to work-life harmony. Take a pause and de-normalize!”

Mrs. Buveneswari Suriyan (ias)

Buveneswari Suriyan


Buveneswari Suriyan is an outstanding persona, and her speech was quite captivating and relatable. She shared her point of view that, “women should not discriminate them from others: some days you will falter, some days will be extremely hard, but you need to keep finding the balance and keep pushing yourself, breaking biases along the way.”


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Tina Guha

“Women’s day is indeed a special day, but Perficient added stars to the celebration.  It was already an exciting day, but the icing on the cake was the warm welcome given by our GM, Mr. Anurag Shivhare. We enjoyed the event featuring two prominent women guests from tangent field sharing their experiences. They made us feel proud to be women. Thank you Perficient for organizing such a wonderful event!”

Tina Guha, Project Manager, Perficient GDC Nagpur


Women in Technology (WIT)

What day would be more suitable for Women In Technology (WIT) Employee Resource Group to interact with Women colleagues than the International Women’s Day?

Neha Pasi & Snehal Gundewar, the WIT ERG Nagpur committee members interacted with women colleagues to understand what their challenges are and how Perficient GDC Nagpur WIT can help in embracing and overcoming them.

WIT also organizes activities and seminars that can help our ladies to progress in their career. Snehal also talked about how problems can be resolved by interacting with the WIT group and other ways through which WIT group can help the female colleagues. A post event survey was shared with all of them to understand their challenges and for helping them overcoming those together.

Holi Celebration at Perficient GDC Nagpur

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The third and magnificent event which made March more memorable was the festival of colors, Holi. The HCM team organized a unique Bingo with twists called “Rango ka Bingo” and was played by more than 140 colleagues.  Celebrating Holi at office with colleagues is altogether a different level of fun. It brings out the happiest side of colleagues and builds the warmest connections among the team members. To add to the colorfulness and harmony, the colleagues were requested to select from the various colors with connotative meanings reflecting different personalities.

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Shubham Jaiswal

“There are some Celebrations during which office does not feel like an office, but a home. Colleagues are not colleagues, but someone who you feel like you have known forever. Holi at Perficient was celebrated at a similar level, where everyone from the general manager and directors to the interns came together as one and participated in the celebration. The giggles and loud laughter, cheering and excitement during “Holi ke rang apno ke Sang” and the after event holi special sweets, followed by lot of selfies and groufies was something that brought everyone together and gave a glimpse of how strong the Perficient family is.”

Shubham Jaiswal, Associate Technical Consultant, Perficient GDC Nagpur

Along with “Rango Ka Bingo” we also had a virtual activity “Holi ke Rang Apno Ke Sang”. It was photography competition to capture colorful moments of this vibrant festival with family.

Whoa! All that in one month was so much fun! All these activities made March memorable.

What do you think? Was it a “Mesmerizing March”? Do let us know your view in comments.

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