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Historical Restatement in OneStream using very little code

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In today’s modern business world, a company’s organization structure can change more frequently than anticipated through changes in ownership, acquisitions, divestitures and mergers. For those companies leveraging a robust CPM platform like OneStream, the organization’s structure is usually represented in the Entity dimension. This blog discusses a scenario where an entity changed owners and how historical data was restated.

Historical restatement definition:

History should be restated when an entity changes owners.  Both the old and new parent entities must have the balances through the month of the change.  A subtracting entry should be created above the old parent to avoid adding the entity twice to the rollup.  Months after the date of change should be zero for the old entity rollup.  Below is an example of a historical restatement: 

Historical Restatement 08 02 2022

OneStream solution using Percent Consolidation:

In OneStream move the entity to it’s new parent (P02).

Historical Restatement Copy E03

Historical Restatement Paste Move E03


Create a rollup in OneStream for the old rollup (P01):Historical Restatement Rollup Under P02 Copy

Historical Restatement Rollup Under P02 Paste

Create a parent entity under P03 at the same level as P01 and P02:

Historical Restatement Rollup Under P03

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Copy and paste add the restatement entity (E03) to both of the new rollups:

Historical Restatement Copy E03 For Restatement

Historical Restatement Paste Add E03 To M4

Historical Restatement Paste Add E03 Negative

In the relationship properties on the pasted entity under the negative rollup change the percent consolidation to -100:

Historical Restatement Percent Consolidation Negative

Change the percent consolidation to 0 in both of the pasted entities (E03 copies) in the month of the change (in this case 2011M5):

Historical Restatement Percent Consolidation Zero

Historical Restatement Percent Consolidation Zero For Negative Entity

Also add adjusting entities under each of the new rollups:

Historical Restatement Adjusting Entities

The sample results are correctly restated through Month 4 in OneStream in the report below:

Historical Restatement Report Showing Restatement W O Adjustment

Month 5 reverses the year to date income.  Correct this by either doing a journal entry in the adjusting companies or creating a business rule to correct the income in the new rollups.  When I did this for a client, we did a business rule but in this case I did a journal entry:

Historical Restatement Journal Entry

Once this is done, the resulting income statement matches the historical restatement expected:

Historical Restatement Matching Schedule In Onestream


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