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Phillip Oswald

CPM consultant with 20 years of experience focused on making continuous improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of organizational accounting systems. Recently, I've had 2 different projects for Budgeting and Forecasting with one of them using Thing Planning.

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Preparing for Direct Connection to OneStream

One of the most common if not the most common requests when setting up OneStream is to have a direct connection from an ERP such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, and/ or Netsuite to OneStream to allow for data to be automatically uploaded on a regular basis.  Below is a link from one of my fellow Perficient […]

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Uploading Flat Files to a Custom Table in OneStream

Table Data Manager: OneStream has a Marketplace Solution called Table Data Manager that allows users to create custom tables where data can be loaded and updated.  See also this Perficient blog post on how to get started with Table Data Manager: OneStream – Table Data Manager / Blogs / Perficient Table Data Manager has a […]

Business People Discussing Strategy With A Financial Analyst

Linked Cube Views in OneStream and Drilling Down to Source Data

Perficient was engaged with a client that wanted to be able to drill down from a summary report into the details in their Thing Planning database.  This was done in OneStream using linked cube views and bound parameters.  The project team created 2 separate drill downs: From summary information to detail within the cube. From […]

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Pivot and Submit Data through a Spreadsheet using Table Viewer in OneStream

Thing Planning Solution Perficient was recently engaged with a client that was implementing a Thing Planning solution to manage thousands of line items for their planning process.  The client wanted to be able to look at a small set of data in a form and submit the changes to just those rows without having to […]

Onestream Webinar on data planning and analytics

Historical Restatement in OneStream using very little code

In today’s modern business world, a company’s organization structure can change more frequently than anticipated through changes in ownership, acquisitions, divestitures and mergers. For those companies leveraging a robust CPM platform like OneStream, the organization’s structure is usually represented in the Entity dimension. This blog discusses a scenario where an entity changed owners and how […]