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QA Team Building 2021

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An important aspect of being a Great Place to work is having a great job environment in which people know each other and their achievements and great performance are acknowledged. We know how important it is to make our peers feel seen and appreciated and a great example of that is our yearly QA Team Building event, led by our QA Director Leticia Barceinas.


The meetup took place last Thursday, October 21st via Zoom, as we are not back in the office yet. Leticia opened the meeting with a warm welcome message and thanked them for their collaboration in all of our projects. She also welcomed Ramiro Castillo, our CTO and VP of Engineering, and some members of the HR team as special guests.


She continued by summarizing the achievements of the team, as well as the growth they have experienced during the last year. A challenging situation like this pandemic we have been going through did not stop our QA team from becoming bigger and stronger during 2020 and 2021. Nowadays, they represent 27% of the company’s population and 34% of the engineering area.


Their training goals as a team for the past year and the year to come were also a part of the agenda. Java Automation and Selenium were two of the most important certifications taken by most of our peers, as well as courses related to leadership. Our peers were informed about the training objectives for 2022. We are more than confident that they will exceed expectations again.


Another important matter that came up during the gathering was the need to prepare for AI for the next year. The future is today, and AI is here to stay, so gaining the skills needed to make the most out of it in the market is another thing our QA team will be aiming to do during 2022.


After going through these important talking points, our CTO and VP of Engineering took over the microphone to congratulate the entire team on their growth and impact on the company. He encouraged everyone to continue preparing themselves to keep up with the market and to succeed in this ever-changing industry.


Great events like this one must be remembered and cherished, so the team photo was taken and one of our HR representatives, Analucia Montemayor, gave a speech to recognize the importance of the QA team in the organization.


The MVPs were mentioned afterwards. Our most valued members received a diploma and a present from the company to reward not only their performance but their efforts in always striving for excellence and great customer service.


At the end of our meeting, Analucia took control by organizing two team-building activities, in which both new and senior members of the team had the chance to get to know each other and collaborate in a fun-filled environment.


Even though it was a two-hour event, we were delighted to see each other and to get to know each other better and we can not wait for the next chance we have to meet again, either via Zoom or face-to-face. Hopefully, we will always have more opportunities to praise our team and keep up the motivation towards new challenges.

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