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The Importance of Discovery UX in Product Development

Over the years, we watch products come and go, some products grow high, and others don’t make the cut. Why is that? Imagine for a second that you are an entrepreneur or you work for a company that needs new products to be competitive and innovative. Maybe the first question that comes to your mind […]

Selenium Tips and Tricks and Using Chrome Developer Tools (CDT)

Selenium Tips and Tricks – How to Use Chrome Developer Tools to Help you With the Analysis and Automation of Code When one is going to get started on an automation project for a web app, one of the most powerful tools that can be used is the Chrome Developer tool. Yet, not many people […]

8 Fundamental Skills for Working with Other People’s Code and Being a Team Player.

As developers, at some point, we’ll need to deal with code created by other people. Sometimes it could be hard and tiring, but it’s not an impossible mission. So I want to give you some pieces of advice to do it without losing your mind in the process. We are going to go through these […]

The Three Levels of Listening

Communication is the key to solving problems. Being an active listener is very different from ordinary interactions, and it’s an important skill for all leaders. Knowing how to listen to the people who turn to you in need will improve your bonds and increase a team’s productivity. Listening is not the passive act we usually […]

Optimizely Configured Commerce Best Practices

Building a Real-time ASP.NET Core Web App with SignalR (Part 2)

In the previous article, I promised that I was going to show you how to build a simple chat app from scratch using ASP.NET Core and SignalR. And that’s exactly what we are going to do in this post. So, in case you didn’t read the last article, I invite you to check it out […]

Low-level and High-level Programming Languages

When you’re getting started in the software world, the concept of high-level and low-level programming languages can be challenging to grasp, but once you get the basic idea, it becomes easy to know which type of language each one is. What Are Programming Languages? Firstly, let’s start by doing a recap on what exactly a […]

Optimizely Configured Commerce Best Practices

Building a Real-time ASP.NET Core Web App with SignalR (Part I)

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the beauty of real-time web applications. Maybe you’ve never noticed it, but they play a very important role in our day-to-day life and work. And even though they have been around for several years, nowadays, it’s incredibly simple to build one of them, thanks to Microsoft’s SignalR. When you open […]

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Best Practices to Design a Database

One of the basic aspects of building scalable and high-performance applications starts with a solid and good database design. A database is a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in diverse ways, and whose purpose is to provide a framework to ease the search for such data. Everything […]

Delete Emails and Save the Earth!

As we all may know now, global climate change is more real than ever and it is happening right now. Earth’s temperature is increasing rapidly as a result of emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gasses produced by human activities and the effects can be already seen in the environment: both the North and South poles have […]


My experience at Talent Land MX 2022

Talent Land is the largest innovation and technology event in Mexico with the venue in Guadalajara, Jalisco, aimed at the whole family, especially students and professionals. With 7 thematic stages called “Lands”, the main stage for master lectures, 8 specialized workshops, 800 speakers, and more than 1700 hours of content, Talent Land is an incredible […]

Optimizely Configured Commerce Best Practices

How to Code Faster and Improve Your Productivity with TabNine

One of the biggest things that a programmer/developer/coder wants to improve is his coding speed. This skill can be improved throughout the time while you are gaining experience. Of course, many different tools allow you to “cheat” while you are coding; for example, Emmet is a plugin that provides you with some code snippets to […]

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Good Home Office

Home office has become a very efficient tool for many companies; this consists, as its name says, in working from home. This modality is not as new as it’s believed, according to a post named “¿Conoces la historia del Home Office?” written by Avril Rojas: in the 70s it was proposed by Jack Nilles when […]

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