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Expanding Our South American Footprint with Overactive

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We’re excited to announce that Perficient has extended our South American footprint and expanded our nearshore delivery capabilities with the acquisition of Overactive – a nearshore software development firm based in Montevideo, Uruguay, with additional locations in Colombia, Argentina, and Chile.

With this acquisition, we’re strengthening our nearshore delivery capabilities and capacity with enhanced custom software application design, development, testing and support for customers, accelerating innovation and time to market. We’re also gaining strategic client relationships with Fortune 1000 customers across several industries, including financial services, healthcare, technology, and business services sectors.

This acquisition and addition of more than 700 colleagues grows our Perficient Latin America team to more than 1,500 talented developers, designers, and digital innovators. It also marks a milestone for Perficient, where the size of our offshore delivery team now exceeds our onshore team, further demonstrating our commitment to our optimized global delivery model.

Our Perficient footprint now stretches across four continents and 10 countries, with 6,000+ colleagues globally dedicated to transforming how the world’s biggest brands connect with customers and grow their business.

An Exciting Addition to Our Nearshore Offering

Over its 13-year history, Overactive has been providing innovative and scalable technology solutions to international clients. With a focus on both delivery excellence and rapid scalability, the company has been able to quickly assemble the right teams to exceed its clients’ digital transformation needs.

This experience will be a welcome addition to our existing nearshore offering, and our clients will continue to realize the benefits they have come to expect from our nearshore teams, including time zone compatibility, bilingual developers, and high-quality teams delivering cost-effective solutions.

Our Dedication to Global Delivery

Perficient’s multi-shore, fully-integrated, global delivery approach continues to be a key driver of success for our clients. Our global talent, coupled with our strong U.S. presence, enables our clients to scale quickly, innovate rapidly and reduce costs to better meet rising customer demands, transform their business, and outpace the competition.

A truly optimized global delivery strategy incorporates a balance of nearshore, onshore and offshore delivery models to enable agility. This ensures our clients have a team with the right skills in the right place at the right time, and are taking into account the nature of each project as well as where it is within its lifecycle.

For more information about Perficient’s global delivery approach, click here.

To read the news release about the Overactive acquisition, click here.

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