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Byte 12: Are you embarking on a cloud journey?

Cloud is a buzzword in every organization right now. Everyone is defining a strategy for moving towards the cloud that is happening as we speak. Everyone expresses interest in being part of the ‘cloud’ journey. 

Is this journey really about pushing a magic button?

  • Doing lift and shift from on-premise to cloud – If so, what is the gain?.
  • Rearchitecting to the cloud platforms – if so, it’s cost-prohibitive. 

It’s about considering changes to the business model and the organization to get the full benefits of cloud adoption. It’s about defining your strategy! 

 An interesting quote, Strategy is defined by what you are not doing.” 

The strategy should help/provide directions in defining principles; decisions are derived based on the defined principles. 


Screen Shot 2021 03 26 At 1.33.12 Pm

Before you begin the cloud journey, I recommend three tasks to accelerate the journey: successful adoption.

Leadership Buy-in (Business and technology)

  • Articulate how the cloud will affect the enterprise.
  • Educate them on the economics of the cloud operating model.
  • Explain the driving factors and strategic aspects.

Define cloud adoption framework (hybrid, multi-cloud) 

  • Provide the holistic view across business, people, and IT 
  • Create a decision-making process for adopting hybrid, multi-cloud, and platform/technologies. 
  • Agility needs for faster to market and to provide a seamless customer experience. 

Establish governance and Enable adoption. 

  • Define criteria and guidelines for technologies, security, and process. 
  • Help to resolve the blockers and the bottlenecks with established principles and mechanisms. 

Question: Who is going to help in accomplishing the above tasks ?. 

Hint: It’s the artist who defines the enterprise architecture 🙂 


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Anandh Asokan

Experienced IT professional in digital and consulting services, technology to help clients deliver values for their customers, defined and developed integration products (API, Event streams, and bulk load assets), Data (Data ingestion to analytics pipeline, MDM). A thought leader in defining a strategy with a pragmatic approach for the organization transformation. He has delivered high-quality products in various technologies and industry domains with a reputation in execution and mentorship. Passionate engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer science and a Master's degree in Software Engineering !.

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